2019, The Battlest Year Of My Life. 2020, Jehovah Please...

2019 has been the battlest times in my entire life. May my suffering abate in 2020. If my suffering keeps on this way or a notch higher, it can mean losing life. For the most part, i have been 'walking dead' and 'talking dead' and i will say it. May 2020 bring come with change. I am tired. Anyway, this is my last post for this year. It is some shedding. I cut my hair too. It is some shedding.

May i be able to love my dad better in 2020. He spent most of December immobile, in a new phase of isolation. His leg function is become limited, a pending operation. I am tired. 

And wait, if you think you are God or a god, think thrice. You are mere dust for the most part. May these very things be known. The paradigms in the world is shifting, more untold knowledge is unfolding, there is a return from outer-space and 2020 will reveal more of these things. 

For you, this year will be special and i say this with a special deep prayer. If you are here at the moment and you go through these lines, your spirit will be touched and many things will be fixed. Leave me a prayer in return and i will feel it too; my 'amen' heartfelt and on default.

There will be laughs too and real laughs; laughs that carry 'freedom' and no longer those 'tight laughs'. Your breathes will be whole and mine too and this will be the case henceforth.

Daddy, i love you. Don't go, don't shatter, please heal. That giant bed, alas, it arrives. May you be whole again, even if just in your heart, for i know of your pain, i understand it. I know of your aloneless and the breed of it and you are not alone in your fight, for i am here fighting and i won't stop. And if i drop, i won't stop.

My life in Jehovah's hands. I will not fear. There will be no tottering.

Your boy Terry


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