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About the Contest

This story is an entry to @tristancarax’s 31Sentence Contest.

If you fancy participating, you can find the contest here.




The Device

The I-care-a-damn attitude of the New Yorkers was on display as the mornings got busy despite the strange unsettling phenomenon experienced recently.

“Will they at least stop when Jesus Christ comes on the Judgement day?” Charlie was flabbergasted at the disregard and apathy.

“Depends. If they were informed two months in advance, then maybe.” Samantha’s long curled eyelashes were reminiscent of a model than a cop; a bad-ass New Yorker.

“I don’t understand your generation, Sam,” the 68-year-old Texan was a workhorse, but hardly understood the non-stop New Yorkers. Besides, the 29-year-old Sam’s cool attitude was unsettling for him.

“Don’t bother.”

“Easy for you to say. We are staring at mayhem.”

“These people are at ease because they do not know what we know,” Sam smiled.

“And what do we know?” The veteran was grim.

“That the events are triggered by one guy who is never found after the event, until before the next event.”

The veteran investigator was astounded. His partner appeared to know things that he didn’t. “I am lost.”

“Antonette told me about this homeless guy with some device. He usually came in the night, always before the event and then was gone before she came back to her senses.”

“Antonette? Baker lady?”

“Yes. It could be a wild goose chase.” The event was first reported in New York, but later confirmed all across the globe. Nobody knew anything about it.

“When we don’t know anything, it is better to start at something.”

The “event” was a creepy occurrence. People blacked out for no reason for fifteen minutes at the same time. They found themselves suspended in the air when they came around.

“Yeah. Besides the frequency is increasing. First, it was once a couple of weeks but now almost every day.”

“Let’s find this guy and get him croaking.”


Charlie came out of retirement for this case. He was called the black arrow for getting the culprits every time. The event was different, though.

“Something’s wrong,” Samantha said. “Antonette mentioned that he is usually here in the night but today he is here in broad day light.”

“Who is here?” Charlie was eager to see the paranormal or supernatural suspect.

“That homeless guy there,” Sam pointed out. “You see the yellow device? That’s what Antonette found him fiddling with. She had taken a photo of him.”


“I wonder if we got the right guy. He appears normal.”

“We all are hanging in the air after the event, but this guy goes missing. How is that?”

“Good point. Let’s go.”

While Sam and Charlie ran towards the guy, the world turned pale and dark. They blacked-out.

The duo woke up suspended mid-air. Every single person that they saw before the black-out was still there except the guy on the street.


“Antonette was right, wasn’t she?”

“Indeed. But the events have stopped.”

“Wonder if that was human at all,” Sam said. “A ghost or an alien?”

“I don’t want to wonder nor know.”


Note to the Contest Host

Since you mentioned the photo is yours @tristancarax, here is my opinion.
(On a lighter note) You look extremely handsome and full of verve. I wonder how much of a sunshine you would be, if you were facing the camera. Your choice of food items and the open-air location is stuff of dreams. I love your BMW too. That was quite clever of you to click only the wheels so that the readers could guess your work horse.

😊 😊 😊

Now, jokes apart, I do hope that the homeless guy finds all the help he needs with a generous dose of God’s grace.


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You have garnered support from the @bananafish community. We appreciate you're fine work and hope that you will continue to produce awesome content for us to feast our minds on.

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This is a really cool idea the 31 sentence contest and write a story based on one photo! Great job on this story @oivas I thoroughly enjoyed reading this!

Looking forward to the next contest I will have to get my creative juices flowing and fingers dancing across my keyboard!

Awesome job again!!♥️💯😀

Thank you @bit-trader! Hey know what, there is still time on this one. Why don't you give it a shot on this one. Of course, if time permits. 😊

I didn't know there was time left on this one, after reading your story I cant compete with that!!😀♥️

I will wait until the next one where I wasn't influenced. This is a really great post very thoughtful and creative! If there are prizes available for posting I hope you win!

Alright, then next edition it is. There are indeed prizes and @tristancarax, @f3nix and @bananafish are great hosts. You will know once you participate.

Thank you @oivas for taking the time to explain all this to me! Really appreciate your time and advice! Looking forward to building a friendship over the coming years!💯

Absolutely. Friendship it is.. 😊 😊

very Good 31sentencecontest.

Thank you @cloudblade! 😊

A very creative little tale. Well done!

Hello @deirdyweirdy, thank you for your kind words. You are not participating? Come participate. It's fun! 😊

I've entered a few times and it is fun. I just don't seem to be in writing mode at the moment. Good luck in the contest. I enjoyed reading your story.

Nice story on a difficult prompt! I like your introduction of the possibility of a ghostly form in the story. I think this was the toughest one I've worked on so far. You did a great job with it!

Thank you @free-reign. Glad you could stop by!

Yeah, the ghost angle just came by. 😊

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Have a witness !BEER

A bit of the supernatural. Nice touch. I'm left wondering if the pedestrians take note of this strange occurance or is it just certain people.