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This story is an entry to @tristancarax’s 31Sentence Contest.

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The Curse

The eerie calm of the woods witnessed a welcome disturbance from the leaves. The wind caused them to hustle and rustle. The unwelcome shriek though pierced the stillness.

An unkindness of ravens swooped down and coalesced into a skinny human form revealing a woman in a shabby gown, dishevelled hair and a slimy staff.

“This would be your first and last mistake for defying Daayan and falling in love.”

“Oh, no.”

Partha and Sarla’s sigh in unison was testimony to their utter helplessness and dismay as they faced the witch whose diktat they had disobeyed.

“I curse you to be water and the other a tree who may never come near nor ever unite, but will live forever devoid of love,” Daayan shrieked.

With that came to an end the only love story that the Daayan’s unloving woods ever witnessed.


“Daayan was so cruel,” the fawn shook his head as he heard the undying love story from ages ago.

They say love never dies nor does it surrender and it found a young fawn’s heart to go intercede for the fallen yet living lovers.

“I will go find them, ma, and I will unite the lovers,” the fawn stood resolved.

“Do not go, my dear, lest you be cursed too,” the mother sternly warned. “Don’t disobey me.”

But the decision was already made, and the fawn departed to the land of the lore hoping to give his life for the greater good, where the cursed lovers stood.


After a spirited run, the fawn faced the cursed lover.

“Oh, great oak tree, I know you are one of the cursed lovers, and I bring respite to you by giving you my body so that you can meet your lover.”

“Oh, gentle being, your body will help me unite, but you will surely die,” the oak tree replied, “that’s a heavy price.”

“I fear living with guilt stemming from nothing done for love,” the fawn said, “death is far better for a cause well-lived than a wasted long life.”


“You will take my body.”

“Oh, little one, how will I ever repay your pure unconditional kindness?”

“Reunite with your beloved, undo the past, and that’s my payment.”

The oak touched the fawn and passed its spirit into the body while lost the fawn’s soul forever. The oak’s spirit manifested into an amalgamated entity of a deer and tree, yet retained the ability to sprint to glory.

The deer reached the water’s edge, “my love it’s me, Partha, and I am here to unite with you again.”

With that the deer touched the water and sparks illuminated the dimly lit woods, the ravens scowled and shrieked, but were desiccated by love’s fiery glow and love prevailed.

Partha and Sarla were united while the forest glistened like never before, and the brave fawn was resurrected and stood full of life.

“Thank you, gentle fawn.”

“You are welcome but can’t wait to tell mother.”

“We’ll come too,” the lovers smiled.


Image Courtesy: @alnhart

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Yo, @bananafish! 😊 😊

At first I thought this was going to be a horror story. It almost did go there.

“I curse you to be water and the other a tree who may never come near nor ever unite, but will live forever devoid of love,” Daayan shrieked.

I'm guessing she didn't think about the water seeping into the ground and being soaked up by the roots. Criminals have funny logic.

Yeah, see that. Weak in science.. Doesn't even know roots absorb water. Damn, these silly witches.. 😊 😊