Me 5 years Before and Now "5yearsphotochallenge Contest"

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Hi there Hive World,
Hope You all are fine and having awesome day.
I found an interesting Contest #5yearsphotochallenge by famous @bliss11 :), How ever I am not selfies/Photo person at all. But It is fun to participate in the Contest.
So I ask my Wife to click some photos for me :D. And then I ask my father to check photos of 2015th year. Both get shocked when I asked for My Own photos HEHE.
Here are Very hot days in Karachi and I just took a bath and you can see sweat on my body (face).



These Photos are taken using my Smartphone by me Wife :D.




These are given by my Pappa from 2015 Photos.



I was with my friend in other City of Pakistan



I found this Nice and entertaining Contest and Love to see @xabi, @kamchore, @aamirijaz, @suheri, @librepensadora entries with their Photos.

Hope You like it,
Thanks for the Visit


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Oh my! You still look the same... The you from 2015 is fine though neat @shrazi. Looking back to those days is sure fun. Thank you for participating. 🤗💕

My Pleasure. I found this contest interesting and entertaining. As I am not My Photo sharer :D.
I spotted the Contest post on TheTerminal Discord but took couple of days :D in finding 2015 Photos :P (Thanks for my PAPPA). Most of my photos are with Family and friends but thanks My father give me some SOLO ones :P.
And MAY BE There is not much change in age between 25 to 40 (Not sure just my openion)

:P If you get time, tell me Where I am in this photo.
We were In beautiful Country NEPAL (1999, 21 Years BACK :P)


Hahaha! You are the one on yellow shirt with the glasses....😁 Am I right? Lol

Yes :P

Obviously the guy wearing yellow shirt with one knee on ground. 😝

Yes absolutely. :).
I thought it is hard to find me WITHOUT BEARD :D haha
I was wrong...

And yes @cheema1, are you planning to participate in the contest? It is fun.

Ma sha Allah so sweet personality! May God Bless You. Ameen