Bob Davids (73)

Mediocre old man with slight interests in crypto

Kuala Lumpur Joined August 2017


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Marlians can be converted to MARLIANS POWER in a process called staking.
862.99079677 MARLIANS
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0.00000000 MARLIANS

Tradeable tokens that may be transferred anywhere at anytime.
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1 830.980 STEEM
Influence tokens which give you more control over post payouts and allow you to earn on curation rewards.
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2 780.799 STEEM
(-485.678 STEEM)
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Steem Engine is a smart contracts side-chain platform for the Steem blockchain.
0 AAA4,680.25 ACTNEARN0 AFITX0 ANXP0 APX0.008(9.947) ASS0(15) BATTLE0(4.576) BEER0 BLQ0 BPC0 BTCMYK7.879(225.306) BUILD0 CAPTCHA31 CC0(42.458) CCC0 CHLP0 COCO0 COFFEEA0(20.952) CTP2,620.304 DBLOG0 DERANGED3.138(75.08) DIAMOND2 DPET0 DRAMA0 DWD250 ENGAGE60.758 EPC0(864.610) FOODIE0(12,000) GEEK0.11(29.59) GG0 GOD0 HBO0 INT0.012(5.810) IV0(10.591) JAHM0(765.787) LASSECASH10,000 LCTM0 LEO108.494(108.494) LIFESTYLE0 LIV0(1.041) LOTUS16 MEEP0(30,001) MEME0 MOT4.829(338.500) NATRL0 NBC12.347(1,537.781) NEOXAG2.011 NINJA8.459(8.459) PAL3,980.474(4,480.819) PHOTO0(524.440) POINT6,240.122 RHB0(1.034) SAND0 SCT0(2) SHIT220 SHOP0.532(115.411) SONIC0.001(4.234) SPACO15.369(191,033.78) SPORTS0.334(14.191) SPT77.328 STEEMP0(1) STEEMSPEAK0.030(50.439) STEM0 SWIFTP0 TASK28.941(1,324.636) TLNT0 TLOSP127.805 TPU3.199(63.875) TRDO0.329(19.512) TUNES163.274 UFM0 WEED23.296(94.688) ZZAN


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10 hours agoAuthor reward: 5.53713357 MARLIANS for davidke20/wherein-1600608078586-s
2 days agoAuthor reward: 6.54376782 MARLIANS for davidke20/wherein-1600490818332-s
2 days agoAuthor reward: 5.41793753 MARLIANS for davidke20/wherein-1600434390788-s
3 days agoAuthor reward: 0.04078838 MARLIANS for davidke20/wherein-1600412908379
3 days agoAuthor reward: 5.18360876 MARLIANS for davidke20/wherein-1600358465789-s
5 days agoAuthor reward: 17.42084006 MARLIANS for davidke20/wherein-1600244544869-s
5 days agoAuthor reward: 4.98688440 MARLIANS for davidke20/wherein-1600167762811-s
7 days agoAuthor reward: 72.60849234 MARLIANS for davidke20/wherein-1600078343739-s
7 days agoAuthor reward: 5.88050695 MARLIANS for davidke20/wherein-1600013268520-s
8 days agoAuthor reward: 4.58900931 MARLIANS for davidke20/wherein-1599920617526-s
10 days agoAuthor reward: 4.59972818 MARLIANS for davidke20/wherein-1599815222549-s
10 days agoAuthor reward: 4.87136674 MARLIANS for davidke20/wherein-1599745661708-s
11 days agoAuthor reward: 79.57710404 MARLIANS for davidke20/wherein-1599662995407-s
12 days agoAuthor reward: 4.94154111 MARLIANS for davidke20/wherein-1599576098660-s
13 days agoAuthor reward: 4.60603576 MARLIANS for davidke20/wherein-1599493101435-s
14 days agoAuthor reward: 20.12283589 MARLIANS for davidke20/wherein-1599392797557-s
15 days agoAuthor reward: 3.94087074 MARLIANS for davidke20/wherein-1599365678951
15 days agoAuthor reward: 5.43608264 MARLIANS for davidke20/wherein-1599304854946-s
16 days agoAuthor reward: 99.84454631 MARLIANS for davidke20/wherein-1599234861976-s
17 days agoAuthor reward: 98.54596577 MARLIANS for davidke20/wherein-1599147707216-s
18 days agoAuthor reward: 8.40424968 MARLIANS for davidke20/wherein-1599053049140-s
19 days agoAuthor reward: 9.71019118 MARLIANS for davidke20/wherein-1598981687769-s
20 days agoAuthor reward: 9.60029625 MARLIANS for davidke20/wherein-1598878823651-s
22 days agoAuthor reward: 9.01173043 MARLIANS for davidke20/wherein-1598781756499-s
23 days agoAuthor reward: 7.95485958 MARLIANS for davidke20/wherein-1598692394077-s
23 days agoAuthor reward: 120.15901366 MARLIANS for davidke20/wherein-1598631410416-s
24 days agoAuthor reward: 8.36973439 MARLIANS for davidke20/wherein-1598541324788-s
25 days agoAuthor reward: 8.99344973 MARLIANS for davidke20/wherein-1598449911939-s
26 days agoAuthor reward: 10.12183371 MARLIANS for davidke20/wherein-1598366079165-s
27 days agoAuthor reward: 10.74287385 MARLIANS for davidke20/wherein-1598281669440-s
29 days agoAuthor reward: 10.77347772 MARLIANS for davidke20/wherein-1598165321164-s
last monthAuthor reward: 8.48566902 MARLIANS for davidke20/wherein-1598090428277-s
last monthAuthor reward: 0.17318338 MARLIANS for davidke20/re-quotes-haven-qfgip1
last monthAuthor reward: 7.87609248 MARLIANS for davidke20/wherein-1598024676273-s
last monthAuthor reward: 7.68743521 MARLIANS for davidke20/wherein-1597933949429-s
last monthAuthor reward: 7.96899022 MARLIANS for davidke20/wherein-1597846916451-s
last monthAuthor reward: 122.01455478 MARLIANS for davidke20/wherein-1597761898995-s
last monthAuthor reward: 0.18066643 MARLIANS for davidke20/wherein-1597740653344
last monthAuthor reward: 23.77538607 MARLIANS for davidke20/happy-steem-birthday-to-me-3-year-old
last monthAuthor reward: 8.06167912 MARLIANS for davidke20/wherein-1597664735931-s
last monthAuthor reward: 8.12480252 MARLIANS for davidke20/wherein-1597578785587-s
last monthCuration reward: 0.01010728 MARLIANS for bobodan/splinter-land-quest-4
last monthCuration reward: 0.09547378 MARLIANS for dailyke20/wherein-1597511960605-s
last monthCuration reward: 0.04066579 MARLIANS for ronaldoavelino/807-modernos-meio-dolares-comemorativos-parte-12
last monthCuration reward: 0.09767224 MARLIANS for dailyke20/wherein-1597491774079-s
last monthAuthor reward: 8.04290329 MARLIANS for davidke20/wherein-1597487557925-s
last monthCuration reward: 0.00975165 MARLIANS for davidke20/wherein-1597487557925-s
last monthCuration reward: 0.00930829 MARLIANS for byebyehamburgers/day-844-or-time-to-lose-some-weight
last monthCuration reward: 0.00938716 MARLIANS for bobodan/splinter-land-quest-3
last monthCuration reward: 0.03001764 MARLIANS for ketcom/it-was-another-great-rewards-opening-day-for-my-splinterlands-daily-quest