Dulce Mia (63)

Amante de la naturaleza y los viajes

Venezuea Joined January 2019


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2 months agoAuthor reward: 0.09742052 MARLIANS for dulce160/contest-what-do-you-do-with-ccc-2-40-by-gertu
3 months agoAuthor reward: 1.18991790 MARLIANS for dulce160/tulcan-cemetery-in-ecuador
3 months agoAuthor reward: 1.80819677 MARLIANS for dulce160/photo-52-2020-challenge-8
3 months agoAuthor reward: 2.00412066 MARLIANS for dulce160/photo-52-2020-challenge-7-love
4 months agoAuthor reward: 0.18020468 MARLIANS for dulce160/la-tristeza-concurso-ccc-2-32-mi-jueves-favorito-por-marblely
4 months agoAuthor reward: 0.23283721 MARLIANS for dulce160/qurator-viernes-de-fotografia-110
4 months agoAuthor reward: 5.21926479 MARLIANS for dulce160/visitando-el-santuario-de-las-lajas-concurso-mirando-hacia-atras-mirando-hacia-adelante-2-30
4 months agoAuthor reward: 0.27988023 MARLIANS for dulce160/ntopaz--dulce160--1303232383--ntopaz--2020-01-06-11-57-02--artwork--none
4 months agoAuthor reward: 1.37484099 MARLIANS for dulce160/concurso-ccc-2-30-mi-jueves-favorito-concurso-ccc-2-30-mi-jueves-favorito
4 months agoAuthor reward: 0.00882223 MARLIANS for dulce160/qurator-s-photo-friday-or-photography-competition-109
5 months agoAuthor reward: 0.01062007 MARLIANS for dulce160/qurator-s-tasty-tuesday-107-preparing-hayacas
5 months agoAuthor reward: 0.62171097 MARLIANS for dulce160/qurator-s-photo-friday-or-photography-competition-108
5 months agoAuthor reward: 0.34901836 MARLIANS for dulce160/qurator-viernes-de-fotografia-107
5 months agoAuthor reward: 0.00480653 MARLIANS for dulce160/qurator-s-tasty-tuesday-106
5 months agoAuthor reward: 0.39391804 MARLIANS for dulce160/foto-de-qurator-viernes-or-concurso-de-fotografia-105
5 months agoAuthor reward: 1.62469057 MARLIANS for dulce160/sweet-christmas-my-favorite-thursday-ccc-2-26-contest
5 months agoAuthor reward: 0.02345680 MARLIANS for dulce160/qurator-s-tasty-tuesday-105
5 months agoAuthor reward: 1.07857117 MARLIANS for dulce160/mis-jueves-favoritos-ccc-2-25-concurso
5 months agoAuthor reward: 0.05689445 MARLIANS for dulce160/qurator-s-photo-friday-or-photography-competition-105
5 months agoAuthor reward: 0.02331140 MARLIANS for dulce160/25xt8x-qurator-s-tasty-tuesday-104
5 months agoAuthor reward: 0.37932468 MARLIANS for dulce160/mi-numero-favorito-mis-jueves-favoritos-ccc-2-25-concurso
5 months agoAuthor reward: 0.01745338 MARLIANS for dulce160/qurator-s-photo-friday-or-photography-competition-104-beautiful-butterfly
5 months agoAuthor reward: 8.51554945 MARLIANS for dulce160/mirando-hacia-atras-mirando-hacia-adelante-concurso-ccc-2-24-una-aventura-en-un-lugar-magico
6 months agoAuthor reward: 0.00355628 MARLIANS for dulce160/qurator-s-tasty-tuesday-104
6 months agoAuthor reward: 0.06400205 MARLIANS for dulce160/compartiendo-con-mi-madre
6 months agoAuthor reward: 5.14849116 MARLIANS for dulce160/mirando-hacia-atras-mirando-hacia-adelante-concurso-ccc-2-24-visitando-plata-los-frailes
6 months agoAuthor reward: 0.10113503 MARLIANS for dulce160/qurator-s-photo-friday-or-photography-competition-103
6 months agoAuthor reward: 0.10348598 MARLIANS for dulce160/qurator-s-tasty-tuesday-102
6 months agoAuthor reward: 0.00047560 MARLIANS for dulce160/q1dqgp
6 months agoAuthor reward: 4.50644437 MARLIANS for dulce160/vacaciones-en-mi-tierra-mirando-hacia-atras-mirando-hacia-adelante-concurso-ccc-2-19
6 months agoAuthor reward: 0.58260386 MARLIANS for dulce160/qurator-s-tasty-tuesday-101
6 months agoAuthor reward: 4.86156036 MARLIANS for dulce160/2eyxer-looking-back-look-forward-mirando-hacia-atras-mirando-hacia-adelante-2-21
6 months agoAuthor reward: 0.00310514 MARLIANS for dulce160/69yjjl-qurator-s-photo-friday-or-photography
6 months agoAuthor reward: 4.48741221 MARLIANS for dulce160/qurator-s-tasty-tuesday-100
7 months agoAuthor reward: 0.19058721 MARLIANS for dulce160/qurator-s-photo-friday-or-photography
7 months agoAuthor reward: 0.01704341 MARLIANS for dulce160/ntopaz--dulce160--1834496705--ntopaz--2019-10-31-09-57-23--artwork--none
7 months agoAuthor reward: 0.05681768 MARLIANS for dulce160/qurator-s-tasty-tuesday-99-pancakes
8 months agoAuthor reward: 1.33634654 MARLIANS for dulce160/pype0g
50 years agoReceived 1.18991789 MARLIANS from contract_tokens
50 years agoReceived 1.80819676 MARLIANS from contract_tokens
50 years agoReceived 2.18432534 MARLIANS from contract_tokens
50 years agoReceived 35.58983115 MARLIANS from contract_tokens
50 years agoReceived 4.69504283 MARLIANS from contract_tokens
50 years agoReceived 0.05681768 MARLIANS from contract_tokens
50 years agoReceived 1.33634654 MARLIANS from contract_tokens