Jimbo (63)

I'm, 6 years old the youngest child on Steemit.| Tenho 6 anos e sou o puto do Steemit

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Tradeable tokens that may be transferred anywhere at anytime.
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Influence tokens which give you more control over post payouts and allow you to earn on curation rewards.
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yesterdayCuration reward: 0.00111700 MARLIANS for muskan-haider/my-submission-to-the-gaugan-ai-contest-on-hive-week-41
2 days agoCuration reward: 0.00216009 MARLIANS for shrazi/my-entry-for-the-gaugan-ia-contest-week-41
3 days agoCuration reward: 0.00112831 MARLIANS for marblely/actifit-marblely-20200731t145022130z
5 days agoCuration reward: 0.00101580 MARLIANS for marblely/actifit-marblely-20200729t153059507z
5 days agoCuration reward: 0.00103736 MARLIANS for marblely/alphabethunt-trying-to-nail-the-letter-n
6 days agoCuration reward: 0.00110268 MARLIANS for felt.buzz/it-is-time-for-zapfic-the-fun-microfiction-writing-contest-results-of-week-117-and-new-prompt-for-week-118
6 days agoCuration reward: 0.00119037 MARLIANS for marblely/zapfic-done
11 days agoCuration reward: 0.00124495 MARLIANS for marblely/actifit-marblely-20200723t153114746z
11 days agoCuration reward: 0.00074467 MARLIANS for muskan-haider/re-steemean-qdw9be
11 days agoCuration reward: 0.00110601 MARLIANS for shrazi/my-entry-for-the-gaugan-ia-contest-week-40
12 days agoCuration reward: 0.00118132 MARLIANS for muskan-haider/my-submission-to-the-gaugan-ai-contest-on-hive-week-40
12 days agoCuration reward: 0.00107515 MARLIANS for shrazi/drummer-beats-animated-gif-image-of-my-own-drawing
14 days agoCuration reward: 0.00145153 MARLIANS for shrazi/drummer-beats-drawing-by-me
15 days agoCuration reward: 0.00107744 MARLIANS for marblely/actifit-marblely-20200719t152412140z
16 days agoCuration reward: 0.00071130 MARLIANS for marblely/re-steemean-2020718t172751208z
16 days agoCuration reward: 0.00117647 MARLIANS for muskan-haider/hand-drawing-of-man-in-rain
17 days agoCuration reward: 0.00096632 MARLIANS for shrazi/my-entry-for-createthatlook-contest-or-week-16-static-round
18 days agoCuration reward: 0.00096214 MARLIANS for marblely/actifit-marblely-20200716t154744372z
18 days agoCuration reward: 0.00096998 MARLIANS for shrazi/amazed-by-the-neoxian-city-animated-gif-of-my-own-drawing
19 days agoCuration reward: 0.00066909 MARLIANS for muskan-haider/re-steemean-qdizki
19 days agoCuration reward: 0.00109406 MARLIANS for marblely/actifit-marblely-20200715t155931065z
19 days agoCuration reward: 0.00091575 MARLIANS for marblely/alphabethunt-last-minute-finds-for-letter-l
19 days agoCuration reward: 0.00064395 MARLIANS for shrazi/re-steemean-qdiadp
19 days agoCuration reward: 0.00067547 MARLIANS for shrazi/re-muskan-haider-qdi5qj
19 days agoCuration reward: 0.00110616 MARLIANS for muskan-haider/my-submission-to-the-gaugan-ai-contest-on-hive-week-39
19 days agoCuration reward: 0.00111733 MARLIANS for shrazi/my-entry-for-the-gaugan-ia-contest-week-39
20 days agoCuration reward: 0.00106697 MARLIANS for marblely/actifit-marblely-20200714t153320798z
20 days agoCuration reward: 0.00104908 MARLIANS for marblely/zapfic-destiny
21 days agoCuration reward: 0.00091794 MARLIANS for marblely/actifit-marblely-20200713t140205011z
21 days agoCuration reward: 0.00095435 MARLIANS for shrazi/splinterlands-art-contest-week-93-goblin-sorcerer
22 days agoCuration reward: 0.00152007 MARLIANS for marblely/my-thursday-favourites-ccc-3-04-winners-announcement
23 days agoCuration reward: 0.00094372 MARLIANS for shrazi/my-entry-for-contest-hivecomic-13-how-can-we-fly
25 days agoCuration reward: 0.00068166 MARLIANS for shrazi/re-steemean-qd71nb
26 days agoCuration reward: 0.00084345 MARLIANS for marblely/actifit-marblely-20200708t153055923z
26 days agoCuration reward: 0.00066343 MARLIANS for agmoore/re-shrazi-qd4x0l
26 days agoCuration reward: 0.00097156 MARLIANS for shrazi/my-entry-for-the-gaugan-ia-contest-week-38
27 days agoCuration reward: 0.00004726 MARLIANS for victorholyo/god-be-with-us-5-july-2020
27 days agoCuration reward: 0.00005177 MARLIANS for botefarm/i-believe-victor-osimhen-can-reach-didier-drogba-level
27 days agoCuration reward: 0.00008342 MARLIANS for iamjadeline/presents-presents
27 days agoCuration reward: 0.00103815 MARLIANS for wwwiebe/colonial-williamsburg-palace
27 days agoCuration reward: 0.00099723 MARLIANS for piotrgrafik/badum-badum-testing-electronic-flipchart-part-deux
29 days agoCuration reward: 0.00090508 MARLIANS for shrazi/enjoying-with-his-style-drawing-by-me
last monthCuration reward: 0.00096085 MARLIANS for marblely/actifit-marblely-20200703t155418604z
last monthCuration reward: 0.00084091 MARLIANS for marblely/my-sweet-carrots
last monthCuration reward: 0.00115369 MARLIANS for marblely/actifit-marblely-20200701t141741815z
last monthCuration reward: 0.00006001 MARLIANS for lasocia/5eyz9t-science-at-home-fun-homemade-experiments-for-the-little-ones-we-will-do-magic-with-colors
last monthCuration reward: 0.00005868 MARLIANS for amplegeologist/comprehension-a-tale-of-tails
last monthCuration reward: 0.00262014 MARLIANS for marblely/zapfic-frustrated
last monthCuration reward: 0.00096285 MARLIANS for marblely/needleworkmonday-sweing-a-gift-bag
last monthCuration reward: 0.00005630 MARLIANS for ireenchew/ulog-98-or-celebrating-happy-dumpling-festival-in-saigon-vietnam