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in aaa •  7 months ago 

As i have said i will post here only when i have something important or good to share which will not be too often. I promised that to few people and im sticking to my word.

So if you like my taste just get onto those movies/tv shows without reading as you may get spoilers. And you dont want that.

But this movie... OMG this movie. You all seen some zombie movies right? All sucked, were stupid or wer boring etc.


This stuff pushes zombie movies to next level as its fuckin amazing. But to be amazing it comes from Korea not USA/UK/EU as they have different ideas and ideas here ... ROCK!

I give no spoilers but you will love it. Watch it, its on Netflix. Dont keep it as side screen, really watch it as the later you go into the movie the more happens.

Important, this movie goes with few titles - Train to Busan / Zombie Express / 부산행

Its not scary but it has amazing and not stupid plot plus unique ideas never seen before.

Highly recommended to watch.

Follow @kingsmind for rare best movies reviews/recommendations.

Not more than 1-2 a month (unless im superb lucky but usually i see shitty ones).

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This is definitely one of the best zombie movies I've ever watched.

top1 imho