No Escape Room: Let's Talk About It... (a movie review)

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Hey there beautiful people!
I'm here again to give you a movie review. :)

This is the second movie I and my younger cousins watched when they had their short vacation. As you may remember, we watched "Escape Room" that time... and because of that, we wanted to try another film which is similar to it. While looking for a film to watch, we stumbled upon this interesting title. It's called "NO ESCAPE ROOM".


If "Escape Room" was the thriller type of movie, "No Escape Room" is more on the paranormal side of genre. It's more grotesque than the previous movie we watched. To be honest, my 9-year old cousin didn't finish the movie because he said he felt scared, so only I and my 17-year old cousin watched it until the end. Now, let's get started.

What is "No Escape Room" about?


The story basically revolves around a father and a daughter. In the beginning of the movie, they (especially the father) wanted the two of them to hangout. I believe their relationship with each other wasn't that good and he's trying to fix it. Well, that's what I feel from the atmosphere between them.

Trying to go to some place, their car broke and decided to spend some time in this small town. Upon dining at a family restaurant in town, the father saw an ad about an escape room which is said to be popular in town. He tried to ask the restaurant clerk about the place and she answered him eerily but then encouraged them to go.

And so, they went to the place which is an old house with a creepy ambiance. They met the people they're playing with and then the game began. There were five players in all. (^^,)/

Let's Talk About the Characters/Player

  • Michael : He's the father who wanted to make his relationship with his daughter better. I actually pity him because you can really feel his sincerity and care.
  • Karen : The millennial daughter. I don't know why she tries to reject his father's efforts, but in actuality she does care. I guess she's a tsundere towards her father. Well, she's kind of smart and interesting though.
  • Andrew : He's kind of a mysterious character. There's this crawly feeling I get from him. He's difficult to read and might create misunderstanding not only to the other players, but also the audience.
  • Melanie : The overly excited woman. It's her birthday and going to this escape room with her boyfriend is a gift for herself. She's quite experienced when it comes to playing escape rooms, so she often guides the others on how the game works.
  • Tyler : Melanie's boyfriend and is the total opposite of her. He's too annoyed about everything but it trying to put up with the situation because it's his girlfriend's birthday. Other than that, he doesn't care.

    Above are the main players of the game, but there is this character which I find interesting.

  • Josie : She's the host of the game and being that, she introduced and explained the story behind their "Escape Room". There's a lot of mystery about her that you'll later find out once you watch the movie. ;)

What I Think Overall

It was an exciting and interesting film, but not among my favorite paranormal movies. The story itself was smooth and full of twist and turns, though. I enjoyed the antique style and effects, so the setting was perfect. I mean, it's like the total opposite of the "modernized" Escape Room movie we watched last time.

One thing though, it's grotesque and complicated so it might not be suitable for kids. Though with guidance, it's OK. As I've said, my 9-year old cousin couldn't take it and didn't finish the movie. The story and the effects were too much for him. He was interested in knowing the ending, though... so we told him the story afterwards.

It's not exactly the best, but there's a charm to it. I especially like the complicated ending. So watch it at your own risk. ;)

I'll end my review here. Thank you so much and please tell me what you think about the movie if you've already seen it. See you next movie review! (^^,)/

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Critic: AAA

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good review thnaks

glad you enjoyed it.. ^^

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