What makes one an influencer on steemit?

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I do find this an interesting question. When mainstream media takes about influencer on social media, their judgement is mostly based on the number of followers! These numbers of followers are the main reason of income for them. Based on these numbers companies are willing to pay for product placement, advertising and so on!

But what makes one an influencer on steem?

Number of followers?

For sure not. From the more than 1M account only 10% or even less is active! We all do have more death accounts following us than active ones!
Also people could easy create enough accounts so that this isn’t a trustworthy source!

Payout of a post?

Well according to me this a neither a good indicator! Yes, the #newsteem did eliminate some artificial high payout on lousy posts. Now we do have curating groups from which an upvote can skyrocket a post. But the more I do look at them, the more I do see them more as closed circles. When not in them or not writing in a nice which suits them you are doomed.
We also have some big accounts spreading out the votes but also here the same points are valid as the curator groups!

The steempower one has?

Also doubtful! This can be bought of course and doesn’t make that account an influencer. And still these accounts are. Lot’s of other accounts are circulating around these accounts hoping that some of that power will drip down to them.
Regardless of the quality of their posts, they do have a higher chance on the ranking because lots of smaller accounts do reply on these posts hoping on an upvote!


Maybe this does the closest. But when writing down the chapter of Steempower it became clear to me that this could also give false results!
Still it is the best indicator we have I think!

Do we even have real influencers?

Yes and no! We do haver certainly some accounts which are steem influencers. But their influence does mostly stop at the borders of Steem!

Maybe we don’t write enough indept posts about things! The best posts ( looking at payout) are about Steem which probably won’t attract lots of interest from outside our borders!

I do think that maybe @appics when managed correctly could give us some more exposure. But still a lot of work has to been done! Appics can become the instagram of the blockchains!

Also communities could maybe give us some real influencers! This based on the knowledge gathered in such a community! Lots of great post about the nice of a community can attract interest from people outside steem. And if those articles can lure in new steemians we have found our influencers!

What is your opinion about this topic?

Feel free to resteem!



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-selfmade Promotion for Steem (C) free 4all

Well, I'm gonna turn my thoughts around a little bit here:

A) One of the main things that make influential the users in Steem, is to be part of communities, it sounds absurd but it is, getting curator roles put you above the rest of the users, obviously being a curator is not the only role you can do inside a project, you could layout the post, create content for the project, translations, discord moderation, but it has to be something active that allows you to socialize with those who are in the same position or more.

B) I personally think that steemit is not so horizontal in terms of equality of users, and basically because everything depends on steem power, so there is like that classism, between whales, projects that they run, users that are owners of the project, then those that are members of the project, Witness, developers, and those that socialize because they went to steem fest, that's the difference between common users and those that take steem to another level.

C) I believe that using the influence of others for your benefit, is not the same as telling the most voted users, and those named above, and have them share your publication, that will allow you to gain followers with voting power and relevance, steem is more proof of fame, than proof of brain.

Well I really like this term:

steem is more proof of fame, than proof of brain.

This more or less hits the nail on the head. It this makes it also extreme hard to attract new users.

I am positive that the communities can create some real influencers, influencers also known outside of steem. With an influencer I don't mean somebody who can direct others, but one which writes great posts, which are also read by people outside steem.

Thanks for the comment.

At least there are other platforms that are easier to use, medium and its subscription system, and if you are a content creator, hubpages would work perfectly, because it is so difficult to accept new users, and well this only happens to steem as a blog, to know so many terms, for example the bandwidth, steem power, delegation, because they give flag, communities, the hardforks, and the incentive to publish can be low or almost nil for the vast majority of users, now steem as a platform for videos, at least there dtube, vymm, give there some votes, and good helps quite to retain users, steem in the games splinterlands although there are many users who are quite hesitant to invest.

‘Fame’ can come from use of brain though? :)

Happy holidays Peter!

Working a few things to challenge that bridge to other media outlets😉

As for influencers, on chain, it would have to go to top witnesses and SP holders that actually engage on chain. I can't call an account like @pumpkin an influencer outside of witness standings because they never comment, post or vote. Good questions up there bud😎

A bridge can indeed open the doors a little bit more for newcomers. I really do believe that communities can also be a good vehicle to attract new users!


in this vast Steemit ecosystem each niche has its influencers in a way and what defines an influencer in Steemit differentiate from one community to another, love the post thank u!

Quick question why is it posted under Actifit? the hashtag confused me a but

I hate writing a short actifit post. So in stead of writing a short post in which the steps are more or less the content, I did want to try to make a decent post out of it.
Normally my posts don't get much exposure, so I was a little bit surprised with the reactions on this one. Afterwards it indeed would have been better to write it as a regular post.

Thanks for the comment!


Appreciate your feedback, obviously I loved your post as I commented and upvoted it was just wondering why through actifit but now its clear. Keep on the great works and Steem On! ;)

But the more I do look at them, the more I do see them more as closed circles.

Agree 100%. I noticed recently that bots, although are no longer accepting payments for their votes, they kind of upvote pretty much the same posts. They might have some users on auto vote, or not, but sometimes I am amazed to see what payouts some posts have, posts that clearly didn't require too much work.

From my perspective an influencer on Steem has to have a bit from everything. Attractive posts, engaggement, Steem Power, real followers and to be active on other social media platforms as well, or to have a broader way of expressing rather than just about Steem.

I might sound weird but sometimes I feel like some users in here are acting like cult members. Man, there's life outside Steem. Yes, the blockchain and its apps are good and I am glad I am using them almost daily, but they have flaws as well and there are already similar projects out there.

I think balance is the key in everything. You kind of have to have a bit of everything to be an influencer. Juts one quality won't make you one and neither just quantity. Steem is still in works in my opinion, although Steemit kind of left us alone, and these works have to be made at a faster pace.

Social media platforms based on rewards, cryptocurrency rewards, and even some created on blockchain technology are starting to increase in numbers and if Steem doesn't keep the pace, will be left behind.

I am using publish0x as well for about a month and I am amazed how many new users appear almost weekly over there as well. Most are Steem users, but the trend is clear. The social media is going through a revolution.

Sorry for this too long comment...but the post hit me with the topic, as I wrote today about youtube in comaprison with dtube and threespeak and the decentralized nature of the last two.

Better such a long and genuine comment out of the heart than none at all!
So thanks for that!
I am on the same line as you are! Mo doubt about it!

Guess I will miss out on the curation votes once again. Because not only positive news! 🙀



Hey @acesontop, here is a little bit of BEER from @fullcoverbetting for you. Enjoy it!

I also publish there, I'm also a fan of other networks, I usually write reviews of those platforms, I'm organizing material to review at least 45 platforms based on blockchain, publish0x is amazing for the horizontal and equitable in terms of user voting value, unfortunately there are no groups to support us maybe it would be frowned upon there.

I support most of what you say Adrian. I too have set up an account on publish0x, although I have yet to post anything there. I like to keep an eye on competition, part of my business strategy and SWOT analysis.

Welcome back to PHC. I do like your creative and quality Actifit Posts.

To be an influencer, I think you need quality engagement and actual demand for your opinions and content.

People should be waiting for your content and excited when they see it in their feeds.

I do like how you described an influencer. That's spot on!


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engagement and consistency, those are crucial

They are. But one can engage without writing own posts.
One can be consistent with writing non sating $40 posts.

But yes for a genuine new users those should be the key words.


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To me, influencers are people who work hard at being noticed, and often employ guerilla marketing techniques in the sense that they promote one aspect, and get credit a different way. For example, by leaving a comment on a popular post with that comment left adding value to the post.

If you continue to add value, you will get noticed and that in turn will make you popular and more influential. The key is to mix things up, and to venture way out beyond your own comfort zone, namely your own tribe.

Is Steem reputation an indication of being an influencer? No, just that you have more power than lower ranked steemians. There are a few steemians I would call influencers, simply because the posts they write and the comments they make do add value to my own experience here on Steem.

Thanks for your feedback appreciate it.
On steem it is hard to seperate power from influence.

Thanks for the !BEER Peter, cheers.

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