My Thursday Favourites #ccc 2.32!

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Happy Thursday my friends! A new week of...


Contest Overview


  • A weekly themed contest with the weekly theme determined by yours truly 😁 and suggestions are very much welcomed.
  • All prizes will be sponsored by me!

This week's theme is:


My Favourite Thing/s to do When I am Sad

Many thanks to @wakeupkitty for the idea 😎

  • What do you like to do when you are sad?
  • Do you lie in bed all day? Do you listen to sad songs?
  • Or do you try to perk yourself up by hitting a boxing sandbag or whacking unwanted old furniture with a bat?
  • Or do you prefer to do nothing and just mope around?
  • I invite you to share your thoughts with us.


How to enter?


  • Create a post answering theme above.
  • Please take a look at the next section on What makes a qualified #ccc entry (#ccc rules).

  • Here is a sample post by me for your reference 😉 - @marblely's favourite books.

  • Leave a comment on THIS POST with a link to your entry/post, to help me keep track.

  • If it is a valid #ccc entry (please read the #ccc rules section below), I will assign an entry number; otherwise, I will reply with any corrections needed.

  • Upvotes and resteems are very much appreciated but not mandatory.


What makes a qualified #ccc entry ( #ccc rules)?


  • 200+ words of original writing:
  • your post does not have to be in English. You can write in any language of your choice and I will use Google translator for your post or you can recommend to me a good translator that I can use 😎

  • or if it is an artistic expression in the form of art (any form of art / craft), share 3+ original art process/progress photos and preferably a description for each photo.

  • MUST use the #ccc tag as one of the first 5 allowed tags.

  • MUST include the invitation code below (including all the links) (copy the entire code and paste it at the end of your post - just like in this post):

This is an Invitation to join #ccc for [Guaranteed &#128077; Daily Income &#128181; and Payout &#128184; for Newbies (2.0) &#128031; &#128028; &#128027; in #ccc &#128099; and Follow &#128099; the Honor Code &#127941; - the Creed (Conditions and Limits Inside)]( <br>AND <br>the [latest update]( <<< _please click to read._


How long does the contest run?


  • Contest will run from Thursday until the next Saturday.
  • Winners will be announced on Sunday.


💰 What are the Rewards / Prizes ? 🎁


  • 1 winner and 1 bonus winner will be randomly selected

  • Each winner will receive a little something 😎

  • Everyone who participates will receive a share of STEEM from this post's payout as my way of thanking each contestant for the effort that you put in, in entering the contest 🤗.

  • Upvote and Resteem from me 🙃.
  • Please note that I may take some time to upvote your post while I wait for my VP to recharge (to give you my best upvote value) and I may be late to comment too, but I will.


🏆 How will the winner be selected? 🏆


  • Each qualified #ccc entry will be assigned a number, e.g. Entry #1, Entry #2 and so on.

  • All winners will be randomly selected using


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🤗😉 I look forward to your entry! 😍😎


Daily Activity,House Chores,Moving Around Office

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Thank you so much @tristancarax! It is unfortunate that he is getting stronger and does not seem to be stopping. I don't think he will any time soon.

Thank you @felixgarciap!
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Thank you!

Hi @marblely. Here is my entry for your contest. Hope I did it right.

Thank you @heartbeat1515!
You did well :)
You are:
Entry #2

Thank you.

That's an interesting question...
Made me think some...

"Do you lie in bed all day?"
When I didn't have commitments like kids, I have done this. Just starring at the ceiling, thinking of all the ways I could have done things differently that would have saved me from being where I was. All the different ways I could end the pain.
Now, with kids, I can't spend a full day, but I'd do spurts of if I was really feeling down.

"Do you listen to sad songs?"
Very loudly too!!

"Or do you try to perk yourself up by hitting a boxing sandbag or whacking unwanted old furniture with a bat?"
More like housework, with a little extra gusto! hahaha

"Or do you prefer to do nothing and just mope around?"
Starring into nothing, blank, just entertaining the blues.

Looks like all of the above.
Then when I am tired of feeling down, I give myself a pep talk, a good shake and start chanting some positive affirmations and move on.
When I was younger it would be really bad, these days, I have learnt to snap out of it much faster :D

Yah, sometimes you just have to put on a face, perk yourself up, isn't it, just so those around you don't worry about you and you don't have time to feel sad, especially around kids, although kids can sometimes detect.
Distraction is a key to overcoming sadness, though not always. Haha. I would doubly work the housechores too, spend the whole day to tire myself out. And when I do not have the energy and mood to do anything, I would prefer to be alone and mope.
Thanks for your mini post to this contest @kaerpediem :)


Thank you @kgwork!
You are:
Entry #3

Thank you for hosting this contest. We gave you an upvote.

Thank you for your support!

I love this theme

Glad you joined :)

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Gracias @gertu!
Usted esta:
Entrada #4

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Thank you @wendyth16!
You are:
Entry #5

Gracias @daysislena!
Usted esta:
Entrada #6

Gracias @nathyortiz!
Usted esta:
Entrada #7

Thank you @dulce160!
You are:
Entry #8

I could swear I joined it and left the link. Apparently, not. 🤔

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