STEEM is the first blockchain to reward people for exercising themselves || My Actifit Report Card: August 10 2019

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Today I voted for steem in Noonies:

Well done, Steemians! @steemit has regained the top spot in The Social Network of the Year contest hosted by the Noonies. Let's not let up! If you haven't voted yet, we have 5 days to hodl this lead. Vote here:… #steem


Today I’m proud to present 4585 Steps that I made somewhere in West Africa!

#STEEM is number one!

I believe in Steem, what about you?

Great visionaries are already investing on #Steem!

Battle each other in the @SteemMonsters arena!

Take Steem on the go and engage with each other with @Partiko!

Blog our thoughts and passions to the world with @SteemPress!

Showcase our vlogs and video content with @Dtube!

Find amazing products to share with @SteemHunt!

Take epic pics with @Appics
Lost weight and get fit with @ActiFit!

Stream our gaming with @Vimm!

Build virtual empires with @DrugWars!

And so much more.....

My shoutout to all Steem visionaries, they’re numerous to mention!!

@theycallmedan, @abigail-dantes, @acidyo, @anomadsoul, @flipstar, @fulltimegeek, @imacryptorick, @kevinwong, @krnel, @meesterboom, @smasssh, @tarazkp, @v4vapid, @yabapmatt.

We are STEEM!


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Your count is not meeting the minimum requirement of 5000 step count. Hope you are aware that 5000 is the minimum requirement to get rewards from Actifit. Hope to see you making more steps and earn rewards from us. Thanks for using Actifit

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Thanks @alokkumar121 for bringing this to my notice, I never knew, let me humble suggest that you upgrade/reprogram your dapp not to allow post below 5000 Steps to avoid this type of issues, my Actifit Fitness Tracker says 1000 is minimum.

Thanks and remain friendly.

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