So what are the real limitations that a person cannot be freed from?

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When we talk about what restrains a person, restrictions such as legal, material, social, or even dogmatic status come to mind, but all of this can be overcome and liberated from it, so a person can transcend the boundaries and restrictions of the nation, religion, language, thought, society, custom and affection if he wants this despite the difficulty of the matter.

Time constraint

Time is always moving forward (and at the same pace as long as you are in the same place), and from here you are bound to march towards the future, leaving behind you the past always and you cannot exceed this matter in any way, and because the age of man is limited, you will not continue to walk you towards the future indefinitely Rather, it is imperative to die, a restriction that cannot be bypassed either.

Restricted place

In spite of the greatness of the universe and its expansion constantly, its size is limited in the end and the materials available in it are limited and controlled by only four forces (electromagnetism, gravity, strong nuclear and weak nuclear), and you are restricted in it and you cannot pass it to another place, according to the theory of the Big Bang, time and place start only With the explosion and the emergence of the universe, if you are here in these four dimensions and you will stay here my friend.

Another limitation is also your limited size. Unfortunately, you cannot be larger or smaller than you are. Add to this your limited strength as well.
Register laws

We are not talking here of constitutional or international laws but rather about mental and natural laws, the foremost of which is the law of causation (no action without an actor), and the law of energy conservation (energy is not destroyed or created from scratch but can be transferred from one image to another only) to other laws.

Hence, we find that man is bound by these laws, whether he likes or not.

Restrict the five senses

The five senses are limited as indicated by that number 5 and you do not have any other to deal with this universe, and even these senses are not absolute. For example, you can only see in the waves between 400 and 750 Terahertz, just as you cannot see with the accuracy of the falcon or more than that, and the same thing With hearing, smell, taste and touch, your senses are limited in number and limited in capacity.
Imagination registration

Even the human imagination is restricted? Yes, you cannot imagine a sense other than the five senses, for example, or to imagine four spatial dimensions, or to imagine what the non-existence looks like, right?

Exercise physical necessities

Your body needs the necessary things that must be mentioned, including food, water, oxygen, and appropriate air pressure, and you cannot do without any of them in any way and ask your body.

In are here with your limited size and your limited strength is restricted in this limited universe that contains limited materials and its laws restrict you in spite of you and you only have your five limited senses and a limited imagination to deal with matters and you have an object that forces you to provide its needs to continue and you are finally forced to walk towards the future until You reach a point called death .. So think again and make good use of your time and life before you get away!

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