Unique Leaves

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Here are some unique looking leaves I came across on my walks. I have no idea what they are called. If I come to know more about them later on, I will share the information with you here.

You have the normal green leaves, and then you have the coloured ones. I think they might be just new young leaves.

These look similar to the one before, but maybe they are of a different variety. The leaves in this tree is much denser.


This looks more similar to the one above.

From this picture, it looks like they are a branch of new leaves, with the ones on the top turning to green.

This is another unique looking leaf - big and fan like.


I like these roundish penny-like leaves. They look lovely on the ground.



There you are. Something different today. If you have an information on them, do share them in the comments section.

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I like your green photography. Nature is awesome and capturing its beauty is so much fun. Hope you enjoyed a great time.