People Without Allergies Must Lead Lovely Lives

in allergies •  8 months ago 

Hey Steemy Stemian,

From the title you must be able to tell I'm suffering a bit today. I'm ITCHY!!! SOOOO DAAAAMNNNNN IITCHHEEEEEEEE! I CANNOT EVEN DEAL.

Even while I type this I am itchy. It feels like I have a bunch of tiny bugs crawling all over me beaneath my clothes. In all the nooks and crannies and holes. From my head to my baby toe. I wanna just literally tale a potato peeler and start hacking away at my skin.

Hannibal Lecter Was On To Something

Maybe I need to new skin, a new meat suit. Maybe Hannibal Lecter was onto something. Get some healthy skin, stitch if together to replace mine!

Call me itchibod

In case you haven't picked it up yet, I have skin allergies. It's not crusty or scaly in anyway. But every now and then when it is triggered I itch like a bitch! Rhyming seems to be giving me some satisfaction here. That and scratching. I know a few tunings triggers if like grass and shellfish and stings from sea creatures. But sometimes, for no good reason I'm the star of the itchy scratchy show.

No cure for the itch

I often wonder what people lives must be like who do not have allergies. Like riding unicorns across rainbows to the land of ice cream and French fries. Where chocolate doesn't make you fat and fries have less calories than cucumber.

best memes for the itch

Of course I meme, to try and cure my pain. What better way to laugh at it. And they don't call me Mimismartypants for nothing.






Anyway I'm off to overdose on antihistamines and feel sorry for myself.

Have a good Sunday,


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