Amazing Nature Contest | January 2020 #02

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Just as I was walking the streets of Saigon today after work, I couldn't help but noticed that flowers are just everywhere; and I mean everywhere. The parks had a whole replenishment of full bloomed flowers and majority of the florist shops were packing bouquets and pots of flowers. It's amazing just to see so many fresh full bloomed flowers everywhere in the city!

Through my colleagues, I found out that during the TET festive holidays, flowers is a MUST to decorate homes and officers. I'll be sure to drop by the florist shops and get some pots of flowers for my home.. It sure brightened up the entire place!

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Purpose of this contest
Nature can be anything from plants to animals to landscapes. Untouched from its original form but evolved naturally over the years. We live in a modern, fast moving lifestyle that sometimes, we need to stop to appreciate the beauty of Mother Nature and what it has been offering to us all these centuries.


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- All pictures must be your own. 
- Clearly STATE why those pictures are representing YOUR AMAZING NATURE.
- Amazing Natures categories can be Botany, Zoology, Geology, Landscapes or 

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A whole city full of flowers ?! Oh my, this must be a wonderful time to walk through Saigon, hehe .. and a true paradise for all the bees out there in the world, hehe .. This sounds like a festival that we should implement everywhere in the world .. a Mother Nature day ;) .. This would be soooo lovely ^^

Oh yes.. It is indeed beautiful to walk around the parks during these few days.
I just hope the flower can lasts till next Saturday which is the first day for TET.