The State of the Animation Sector in Jamaica

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Animation and Jamaica may not seem to go togther in the minds of the masses but the island has a budding community of independent animators building up the art in the country. One such person is my older brother @nivekpro who is the head of the animation nation network in Jamaica.

Here is an animation series he is working on called Abeeku and the Maroons. It is a historical and action packed series about Abeeku, a runaway slave who is on a mission to rescue his sister and other slaves from the plantation. They have won many awards around the world for it.

See the trailer here

Recently, JAMPRO , ( Jamaica Investment and Promotion) has taken the initiative to develop the animation sector in the island by partnering with the Canadian high commission, the world bank and other organizations in an effort to train and educate the animators on the island as well as provide the necessary tools.

Listen to @nivekpro talking about the state of the animation sector in Jamaica and how the future of animation outsourcing will be based in the Caribbean, especially in English speaking countries like Jamaica. He makes some very good points as to why this trend will surely take place, such as the Caribbean being close the major production studios in the USA and the time zones being the same. Before, the hubs were India, Japan, and Korea but the time difference and language barrier takes a big chunk out of the flow of work in situations like this where many individuals are collaborating on a project.

Here I leave you with an Animation series that was very popular in Jamaica a few years ago. The reason I think it isn't around now is because lack of founding and man power to help animate and get the series out fast enough. Soon all this will change once more individuals on the island are trained and more sponsors and investors realize that the Caribbean is the next hub for outsourcing animation.

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That sounds really interesting. Many thanks for sharing!

Thanks , some really funny cartoons are popping up from out of Jamaica on YouTube by indie animators,

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Nice. Is there a cartoon to it , to watch?

The Abeeku? If so that one can’t be watched yet only viewings. The Cabbie Chronicles, there are some episodes on YouTube.

Check out the riddim up contest from ReggaeSteem, mek a time on the riddim and when a heap of various tokens

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You got a link/post to that riddim contest?

thanks for sharing about the animation and Jamaica 💙

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Thanks for stopping by Blu!

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Have a Good Day ! @dmilliz 💙 ♬

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Never thought Jamaica was producing animation. Will look into it later.

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Yeah they have some pretty decent stuff too, great way to learn patois too as the characters are as animated as real Jamaicans LOL.

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