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So I went into this movie thinking it would fill in the blanks between seasons two and three of Psycho-Pass. I was wrong, there is no connection at all. Still, though, I enjoyed the movie and it was a fun watch, so I'll still talk about it. Just look at it like most anime films that connect to a series, it's not important. I am also going to assume you have made it through season two of Psycho-Pass since it takes place after and things I need to talk about will be spoilers. And you really should watch Psycho-Pass, it's a great anime.

The movie takes place after season two and has our main character, Inspector Akane Tsunimori, investigating a terrorist cell outside the boundaries of Japan. The entire series takes place in Japan as it's Isolated itself from the world under control of the Sybil System, so it's interesting to see the system attempting to reach its hands outside of the borders of Japan, as well as seeing the state of the outside world. It adds a bit of context as to why a society may be okay living under the Big Brother that the Sybil system is portrayed as.

After it is revealed that former enforcer Kogami, who escaped Japan after the events of season one, might be working with the rebel forces, and wasn't seen throughout season two. From the audience's perspective, it's a treat because he was the main character throughout season one, and from a narrative point of view, it's great to see the two of them come together again due to their history.


Beyond that, I would say this feels a lot like an extended episode of the anime. It holds all the same themes of the show, that being the ever-moving line between liberty and security, as well as Akane's fascinating relationship she has with the Sybil System itself.

The main bit of mystery surrounding the plot is there seems to be a misapplication of the Sybil System in the area, as one of the local military factions had made a deal with Japan to export the Sybil System to maintain order. The problem being any would-be dictator should, by default, register a high Psycho-Pass and thus be deemed a target. The situation gets a great reveal and fits in line with anything we know about the operations of Sybil as well as expanding on what we know.

The issue comes in with the mercenaries that get hired to eliminate Kogami and Akane, as the leader of them is involved in the shows action climax. The problem is his motivation and issues with Kogami are rather unrelated to Sybil, or for that matter the conflict going on at all, Kogami just doesn't like him. Don't get me wrong, the fights involving him and the animations are fantastic, but it feels largely disconnected from what we are watching the movie for.


If you have seen the anime, you'll already know if you are going to like the movie or not, and if you haven't seen the anime you are going to be missing out on all the context you would need to grasp what's going on. You'll follow the plot just fine, but considering the movie does nothing to explain what Criminally Asymmetric means, or the truth behind how Sybil operates and Akane being the only person that understands it, a lot of what happens wouldn't have the same impact. The movie is a great watch for fans of the series, but for anyone who hasn't watched the show already, there isn't much here for you.

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I still need to finish season 3, and I hope I can bench it in one night, still need to get into the mood of watching some original cyberpunk.

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