🌶️🍅Color Challenge Mon."RED" Canning Homemade Salsa! ♨️

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Check Out the Full Canning Step by Step posting here from 3 weeks ago! It turned out awesome and dissapears fast, lol! Sooooo Delicious!



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Yup, thats for sure, lol!!Thanks for Stopping by!❤🍅❤🍅

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I only upped this to put it to the top of the page so I didnt have to Edit it into my post. As I forgot to add it.

Beautiful color and Yummy too.😜

Thanks! The red was so vibrant and the Salsa was fantastic, the best I have made mostly because the Tomatoes were so good this year!!🍅🌶️🥰

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..Love this red..and surely would love the salsa more..getting hungry only looking the picture..have to go eating immediately..see y.......

Lol, thats awesome, im glad to make you hungry! Thanks so much for your kind reply!👍😋❤

As red as my love to you 😜😜😜😜

Awe thanks, lol! Glad you liked my Red pick for this Monday!🍅❤👍