☀️Good Morning! From My Homestead in Beautiful British Columbia Canada! 🌄🇨🇦 Have ...

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... A Great Week Everyone!🥰


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"Blogging and cooking live from our Camper, up in the mountains of British Columbia Canada HOPING to finish the other half of our house by this Fall!" ( NOW Next Spring!)

"Being Creative, Living & Loving A Country Lifestyle!"

"All Photos JUST Taken and Created By Me @karenmckersie , On My Google Pixel 2 XL Cell Phone, Check my new phones Specs. Here:"

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Still testing modifications to the bot, Awesome view I can almost smell it!

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Thanks ! Theres nothing quite like The fresh mountain air!! 🌄❤❄⛄

Very nice. Fore sure you got even better weather as we do here in central Europe, with two foggy weeks behind us :)

Thanks for your kind reply! Its been super nice the past few days since the snow melted, but its supposed to be down to minus -10 by Tuesday night -4 during the day, and last all week long!! Winter is here!!⛄❄❤🌄

Oh, -10°C.... I had to put my wool hat on while reading this :P Mostly we have those kind of temperatures in January/February. But for now, mostly around 10 through the day and somewhere between 3-5°C at night

Its around that here to this past week, not looking forward to Wednesday on, I will need my wool hat too, Lol, and winter boots!!

Sure, I forgot about the boots ;) Next time I'll be ready!


Nice morning! All snow is gone so fast 💨))

Yes, its been clear and sunny during the day, but Old Man Winter is Coming, Brrrrrrrrrr!!

WOW!! I need to see Canada! So pretty

Your welcome to come visit anytime!!