Tree Tuesday: Taken From my Now Son's Apartment Balcony/ Kelowna BC Canada!❄️🌨️

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"Photo Taken and Created By Me From My Homestead up in the Mountains of Beautiful British Columbia Canada @karenmckersie , On My Google Pixel 2 XL Cell Phone, Check my new phones Specs. Here:"

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Thank you, its a Winterland!🎄😍

So beutiful.

Thank you!🎄😍

Snow😍😍😍😍We mostly have only rain here 🤓

We get a blast of snow overnight that usually disapears the next day, lol! Its cold enough out here at my country homestead that its sticking around this time!! I love the snow, just dont like driving in it, thanks for your kind reply!🎄❄⛄

You’re welcome 😊

Ohh I’ve got my 🤞 for some of that good stuff soon ❄️

Haha, I am sure your wish will come true! Thanks for stopping by!⛄❄🎄

..beautiful..years that we hadn’t snow..

Thank you! You never know these days with Climate change and all! We used to get a lot more snow then we do now and it would stay all winter!

my Now Son's Apartment?
You me your son's new apartment, right?

Well it was Our apartment when I shared it for over 2 years with my 2 sons, but now I have moved out to my property up in the mountains, so my Sons stayed and took over the apartment splitting it 2 ways. Its more expensive but there is zero vacancy in Kelowna.

Wow! The snow covered trees look amazing 🌲