Thoughtful Daily Post - August 26th 2019 - The One About Preperation

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I wanted to remind you all, or rather... suggest, to pause your SteemAuto activity until the Hardfork is over... also, I will provide that link for all to come tomorrow, and hang with us at the @steemterminal! Just remember to keep being thoughtful, keep spreading that positive energy... a lot of people could use it!

Click this link for the awesome post!!

Also, here is a link, to get you right to us!

Finishing up that awesome SBI interview with @r2cornell... also. keep that @prettynicevideo in your thoughts! Something in the works with @minnerz22... positive energy flowing!!

Appreciate everyone of you!! See you tomorrow... bring popcorn!!

What are you thoughtful for today?

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Good to see another post from you show up. Again I cannot see or hear it. I hope soon. Who knows after HF21.

Wes, I didn't realise how awesome this little feature would be.. I almost feel bad posting two in a row though, so I am saving my second one until after my next post about something else..

However, I was shocked you didn't see my first #thoughtfuldailypost only because I mentioned you a few times.. and actually I mention you in the footer of the template I made for my thoughtful posts so if you use Ginabot, you may want to get her to ignore my username when I mention you while using the tag #daily. Don't know how specific Gina can be or if you even use her.. But since I will be using that same template and footer for all thoughtfuldailyposts, would hate for Ginabot to alert you each time.

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