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Productive Play - Recreating the Penthouse Suite

By: @everlove


I got to co-create with this amazing woman
who loves organization, detail, design, beauty,
sustainability and functionality as I do.


Original Music By WishMaiden 'Live, Love and Last'

By: @wishmaiden


Original song performed and recorded at home.


For a cup of coffee, we don't mind the moss - Anthracite

By: @summer2019


On the island of Jeju, South Korea, lies an old factory standing tall far from the city center. But what is hidden inside this ancient place is a cafe, so hip in the cool new industrious vibe that is trending all over the world.


Sarai, my shooting star (story chapter III)

By: @gardenofcarmen


During the morning after the conversation with my boss I remained a little thoughtful, it was as if a small cloud darkened my joy, however, I forced myself to be optimistic,


Walk on a Farm

By: @iamraincrystal


Let me take you on a mini adventure of walking and climbing while on a farm tour. Both my daughter and I enjoy getting close to nature, so we take every opportunity that comes our way to discover and experience new places.


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Thank you so much for the feature!

You are welcome!

Amazing job guys. Welldone

Thank you.

Thank you so much for the feature! 🙂🙂

!giphy thank you

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You are welcome!

Great posts!!

Thank you!!

Very interesting each of your posts

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well done dear @appreciator
keep this good work on.

Resteem it

Downvoted for automated posts with no effort behind them.

LoL, I see you are already frustrated enough ;)

better frustrated once than being butthurt forever

Amazing Idea of the posting

Happy to see such initiative by you guys hope so someday ill also get featured.

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Those are some awesome picks, some of which I have all ready checked out, great job @appreciator ! Please consider my recent Foodie post from today that took me all afternoon to create, the photos turned out awesome!! For your next curation #426 i'm sure you will like it @bluemist ! Upped 💯 and resteemed! 👍💁❤

Greetings @appreciator & @bluemist!
Total support for your work,

Special greetings to: @wishmaiden,

'Live, Love and Last'

I think it's a magnificent original song,
she has left her heart in this interpretation...
Applause! @nachomolina

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You are welcome!