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Today is a very special day

By: @fotostef


It is the day that I wait with anticipation every year since I quit the urban lifestyle and began a new "career" as a farmer!


I am HOME! 🌄South of France serenity 🌴

By: @samstonehill


Esteban cried at the airport when we were re-united, bless him. I've never seen him emotional for this reason


ART EXPLOSION WEEK 76 - The shadow of love

By: @yanes94


Today I want to present my participation for the #artexplosion contest made by Julia, the theme was DEATH.


Not A Bad Problem To Have I Guess

By: @dandays


I’m going through the pictures I’ve taken over the past few days trying to decide on a cover image and I’m writing this opening sentence instead. I still haven’t decided on one—not a bad problem to have I guess.


Hope Grows on Trees - Propagation, Scarification and a whole Bunch of Headaches

By: @breezin


One thing you should know about farmers - are that they are resourceful and wise when it comes to making the most of their land


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Hello dear friends @appreciator excellentes the selected posts, especially our friend @dandays was able to capture some incredible images. Congratulations to all.
I wish you a prosperous week

In case you’re wondering what that was, it was a big huge virtual kiss right on your face! 🙏🏻

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Thank you so much for kind feedback.

Where do you collect these wonderful posts?

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অনেক ভালো। চালিয়ে জান

It’s an honor to be featured by you @appreciator, THANK YOU in the biggest font you’ve seen all day. 👍🏿

Congratulations @breezin @yanes94 @samstonehill @fotostef I’m flattered to be mentioned amongst each of you.

You are much welcome.

Thank you very much @dandays! congratulations to you too :).

very good job by you dear @appreciator
keep it up.

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Woohoo! @appreciator
I've liked the post:

Today is a very special day
By: @fotostef

Perfect images and an excellent review.

Someday I would love to be in the "DAILY QUALITY CONTENT AWARDS"

For that I must work very hard.

Greetings to all selected for this summary, I wish you success!
100% support

It was good post indeed, thank you for kind feedback and support.

Hello @appreciator,

Great work! I very much appreciate your support for the quality of the selected publications so far.


You are welcome.

Oh! Thank youuuu <3! It makes me very happy that my proposal is to your liking :) .

And thank you for supporting the community that makes content.
Greetings and virtual hugs. <3<3<3<3

You are always welcome.

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