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“Suspended in Air” - A Tour Through Monk Occupied Monasteries in Meteora, Greece

By: @dandays


Directly in the center of Greece, 160 miles north of Athens and 90 miles south of the Albanian Border,


Obra Bodegón variado 1, Arte Aranda, Venezuela / Work still life 1, Art Aranda, Venezuela

By: @carloscaat


Buenos días amigos, hoy les muestro mi Obra Bodegón variado 1, realizado con óleo sobre tela,


Wedding in Budapest: Part II!

By: @annamarina

[[[ In 2012, Reka, @joythewanderer and I met studying in Leuven, Belgium, we are good friends since then and we invented a common fictitious surname for us: Itis!


STEEM Food Tours #84: Papadakis restaurant - the best restaurant in Athens!

By: @tikotiko


Am I biased? Yes! But I mean, who wouldn’t be? State of the art fish dishes, meat dishes, legumes’ dishes, salads, amazing desserts…who can pick?


Pancakes with zucchini and meat (Deruny with zucchini and meat)

By: @shady


In the summer, I enjoy cooking different zucchini dishes.


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Congratulations to the selected users!

All the posts are excellent! I loved the photos of @dandays and the art displayed by the friend @carloscaat!

Congratulations to all!!!

Thank you so much!

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This is an honor @appreciator, thank you! Thank you for all of your curating efforts. Congratulations @carloscaat @annamaria @tikotiko @shady.