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💍Doubly Married! 💍

By: @freedomtowrite


One of my favorite love stories in the whole entire world is our own story...as it should be...but it's also because it's a good one


Chateau Veux-le-Vicomte

By: @leaky20


This past weekend my wife and I had the pleasure of visiting the Chateau Veux-le-Vicomte, a French palace located just outside of Paris in the small town of Maincy France.


Me coleo 😅 en entrevista y la sesión fotográfica de estos steemians 🤭 ...

By: @enmy


En esta oportunidad me colee con @danielvehe y @lianellaforever en la sesión fotográfica y la entrevista que estaban haciendo, la pasé súper porque creé un contenido perfecto y pasé un gran día.


Veo en ti la luz | Cover by @Eugelys y @Exoelias

By: @eugelys


Hoy quiero mostrarles aquí en 3Speak un cover muy especial para mí con el cual participé en el concurso Sonic Groove Live junto a @Exoelias :)


Ukraine - the walk so far

By: @onewomanwalks


I’ve been walking for six weeks and I’ve covered almost 400 miles so I thought it was time to do a summary post of the shape of my journey across Ukraine, what it’s been like for me here and how I’m trying to approach this walk.


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