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PicsOnBike Day to Castelnuovo Magra - Behind the Photo

By: @davidesimoncini


Today I would like to share with you a photo series from my little travel to Castelnuovo Magra, a town located in the province of La Spezia, on the first hills of Liguria (Italy).


We've Been Whipping Up Some Yummos!

By: @kindredacres


Those that follow us know that nutrition is super important to me. Eating a variety of foods is a really big deal for me.


"Love Came Twice- the Finale" with epilogue by me. Otherwise, these are all Mama's words, as she wrote them (repost)

By: @jerrytsuseer


At the end of Chapter Four, my sister Sylvia had borne her child, then while the family kept baby Debbie at home, she went back to school, enduring much ostracism and negativity



By: @charlotteneko


Ya se que es un poco tarde para dar un resumen de mi diciembre, pero esto pasa cuando vives en Venezuela y pasas mas de un mes sin Internet y sin luz básicamente,


Collar de Mostacillas y Turquesa - Nueva Colección by @leticiapereira

By: @leticiapereira


Hola, hola...!!! Feliz 2020..!! No habia tenido la oportunidad de saludarles en semanas pasadas, estuve desaparecida varios meses, pero, aquí estoy de nuevo...!!!


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Nice varied selection @appreciator congratulations to all those mentioned above.

Thank you so much.

Thank you @appreciator, I am grateful for this share, and I hope that readers will come to my profile to read the previous installments to get the full history.
After all, it begins about 1920 (mama was born in 1916) so this actually
Covers nearly a century.

You are much welcome and I do hope that people get to know more about you

Thank you @bluemist. Help me understand; is @appreciator a person? A tribe? A discord server?
Is it something I need to delegate something to for continued support?

Its mainly a Curation Support Initiative now, run by me.

For continued support, you just have to keep on producing awesome content
To have your share in daily rewards, you can choose to delegate

Delegate how much to where?

Congratulations to those selected. You were referred by a friend and this is my first time to visit here. Glad to know there are people like you in Steemit who help uplift other members. You have my admiration and respect. Keep up the good work and may your tribe increase.

Thank you so much, appreciate it.

wait for number 500 support post

Great selections, you got it going on @appreciator.
If you haven't heard it before, yeah right, you are a great supporter of this platform.
Let's #steem on together.
Share the love.

Thank you so much, it always keep me going.

I loved all the selection posts in particular:
PicsOnBike Day to Castelnuovo Magra - Behind the Photo
For his great images and well contrasted historical summary