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Uzhhorod - Lisbon cycling: day 26. Padua, Rovigo

By: @boga4


Woke up early, as usual. I was staying at Matteo's house - my Warmshowers host invited me for the breakfast.


My first yoga experience and how yoga has impacted my life

By: @mamrita


A few days ago I read this post on naturalmedicine.io, encouraging people to write about yoga.


The Wonder of It All - Original Abstract Art and Writing

By: @jaytaylor


We do not know what Life on earth would be like if we honoured the connectedness which birthed us.


Market Friday and the lesson in "Cutting the Cheese"

By: @jerrytsuseer


So yesterday, I was feeling down in the dumps, but I NEEDED
some things from the grocery store, so I pulled up my panties
and went to Kroger.


⛷Skiing “THE REMARKABLES” - New Zealand ⛷

By: @sunsethunter


Today we are skiing in New Zealand. The Remarkables mountain range is found on the South Island and you can see it in all it’s impressiveness from the town of Queenstown.


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great job always done by appreciator thank for supporting steemian

You are welcome.

Friends of @apreciator, receive my greetings. I am interested in knowing what is the minimum of SP I can delegate; I am not a powerful SP, but I am interested in the support you give to quality work at Steemit. I would also like to know if you are in Discord. Thank you for your answer.

Congratulations to the creators of quality content!
I appreciate your support and strive to ensure that my posts meet the high demands of the Steemit community.

You are always welcome.

Thank you so much for supporting my work, @appreciator. It's a beautiful thing that you are doing here, uplifting quality content and spreading encouragement, goodness and light on the Steemit platform. You are appreciated 💚💚💚

You are much welcome.

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Great selection of landscapes, also works of art!
I liked all the posts especially

⛷Skiing “THE REMARKABLES” - New Zealand

Its beautiful!

luck to all authors

Saludos @appreciator & @bluemist

hey dear ow can transfer my steem is there any new rule

Great picks today. Keep up the good cause and well done to all the writers!

Great picks today. Keep
Up the good cause and well done
To all the writers!

                 - mimismartypants

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

Thank you so much!

you welcome :)

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