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Quick Sunday Updates and Imbolc Nostalgia

By: @nateonsteemit


Happy Sunday y'all! I'm usually up early (around 4am) on weekends, which gives me a little extra time for steem before the fam gets up.


Mi 2019 con Pixeos 🎨

By: @frankches


El grupo de pixEOS creó una actividad donde montáramos en un collage que nos dejó el 2019 con ellos o que esperamos de ellos para este año.


Sunday Breakfast with my wife and mother
By: @deimus


What could be more perfect than a lovely breakfast with my two girls - cross posted from my whaleshares account


Sunday Ramblings with Pixie Post

By: @pixiepost

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It has been quite a busy weekend so far & today is the Super Bowl! Getting ready for work


9th Day of CNY

By: @gracefu


The month of February is finally here without even realising it.
Time just flies so quickly.


Keep up the awesome work!

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Congratulations to the Top 5 posts today. This was more of a learning experience for me as I had to look where Limassol is and what Imbolc meant :) A bit reflective theme today. Shows your versatility too in your selection @appreciator.

Come and visit Limassol - great place

I am sure it is. Plus the food! If my finances will allow (this is suppose to read: When Steem hits the moon lol) I will most definitely visit. Great post. Congrats!

Oh thanks. Thank you very much 🙋‍♂

You are welcome.

Give me the Steem right now 60 steem Give me now . Why was my vote zero? https://steemit.com/life/@socialcrypto24/your-time-is-limited

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Are you David Biswas or Nyla Ní Mhóráin?