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🎶 Tocando ando 🎻Nuevo Destino 😊 / 🎶 Playing ando 🎻 New Destination 😊

By: @kkarenmp


Being in a new place is not simple, they are different things and different cultures


Valentine's Day special!!

By: @varunpinto


Sorry for being inactive for a long time.. Was busy with some work and lots of travel.. Should be more active henceforth..


Welcome Skipper

By: @hetty-rowan


The pack was not complete anymore without the male dogs.
After the death of Lexxieboy in 2018


Sarre Castle - Part Two

By: @dexpartacus


Here we are with the second part of my visit to this really interesting Castle. If you missed the first one, click here.


Dinagyang Festival 2020: Floats Parade of Lights is the Calmest Colorful Parade of Them All

By: @artgirl


Welcome to my Dinagyang Festival 2020 main travel blog post # 1. The Philippine Information Agency (PIA) calls this the country's best tourism event1 and I couldn't agree more.


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excellent activities, to continue working for the welfare of the community

You are welcome.

Thanks a lot!!😀✌️

You are welcome!

Congratulations to the Top 5 Posts. Very entertaining especially the last one as my roots are from the place depicted. Great finds @appreciator.

Thank you ... it's great to see you appreciated my welcoming post for Skipper. We both appreciate it very much.

You are welcome.

You are doing nice work, brother

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