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Aldebaran de Tauro - Casco/Helmet

By: @mauriciozoch


Otros de mis hobbies, ademas de la fotografia, es el cosplay... una actividad que me llego por el lado de mi novia...


Mom's script on Birthday @bugavi

By: @olga.maslievich


Today is 16 years old for my daughter Victoria, who you know as @bugavi :)
A beautiful and at the same time difficult period


Receta | Turrón de Coco

By: @eugelys


Hace unas semanas una de mis tías cumplió 70 años, a ella le encanta un postre que se llama Turrón de Coco, son unos deliciosos bocados hechos principalmente con coco y azúcar


The Highlights of My Brunch: Toast with Stir-Fried Veggies and Eggs

By: @anggreklestari


The bright morning sun slowly rises, but not fully in the noon time. Still entering the time between morning and afternoon.


Caturday - Queen Shiva

By: @cuko


Hello friends ! So this is my second caturday post (sorry for being kind of late but yesterday was a bad day and I couldn't finish it) and today I am going to introduce Shiva.


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Good selection! 👌

Thank you

Congratulations to the Top 5 Posts. Wow, cosplay is one of my son's favorite activities and boy is he going to love this. Felt very sentimental and happy at the same time for the birthday treat, and yes! Food and cats. What can be better @appreciator? Hats off to today's selection.

thanks! :)

Thanks for the curation. These are great selection too.

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You are welcome.