I Created My 1st. Digital Art From a Selfie Photo! Stay Tuned For More, this was ...

in appics •  8 months ago  (edited)

... my first attempt and Is A lot Of Fun To Create On as one of my many Passions! What Do You Think!? 📷🥰


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Created from this photo which I have also used in some previous comics

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Cool maybe u can make it an NFT hahaha . U can do NFT now on steem engine :)

what is NFT?

non fungible tokens like cryptokitties :) unique collectible tokens

Oh, ok thanks for the info. But I have no money to buy anything lol, we are living in a half built house in the country thats taking every cent I can manage to make, lol!!

That is a really cool editing 😍 beautiful art and object. Really cool mug as well my friend. Great job. Have a wonderful weekend. Much love 🤗🌹🤗

Haha, thanks for your kind reply, it was my first try and only actual recent photo to try out for this lol, I will have to try some other ones just to see if it works as good, its fun to play with lol. Have a grrat weekend my friend!

Nice 👍📸✔️

Glad you liked it, thanks for your kind reply!

Keep the good stuff coming 😀😉

Awe, thanks for your kind reply, im glad you liked it, its fun to create new things!