Prism Art I Created From A recent Snowy Photo I Shared On Appics!🎨 ( I Will edit ...

in appics •  last month  (edited)

... the original photo in over on Steemit.) 😋 Hope you all had a wonderful Weekend, thanks for stopping by, your support is much appreciated! 🥰☀️🌨️❄️


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The above digital Prism Art was created from this photo I recently shared here on Appics and Steemit that I took on my homestead looking out my front window! Hope you like it!

Check the link here;

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It is beautiful Karen.

Thanks so much for your kind reply! Its like a painting!

I can feel that the snow in the picture🎨is like a soft couch🛋

Haha, yes indeed very pillowy, lol! Thanks for your awesome comments!