😋 Color Challenge Monday Red: My Appics Strawberry Rubard Pie Photo From Dec./ Love ...

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... Spreading The Word That My Passion Is Always Rewarded On Appics In APX! 💪🤑🚀 Join Today, You Are Going To Love This Awesome App and Fantastic Appics @appics Family!! 🤑💪🚀🥰


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Wow 🤩🤩✨! You are so creative

Awe thanks, thats very kind of you!

lol! this is awesome

Yes indeed, and we are ranked 12 today on State of DAPPS!! Lets Go Go Appics! Thanks for your kind reply!

How do you post in appics? I have The app but can’t post 😜 lol

I font understand!? Log into the app. Touch on the camera logo thingy in the middle at the bottom of your screen/ tap on that/ tap on what photo from your photos on your device that you want to Post about/ when it shows up type beside it what you want to say in your title, if you want to add more text just keep on typing in the app or after you post it edit in more photos or text, links etc over on Steemit/ choose 4 Tags/ touch categories and pick what category you want/ then POST! Its really very easy once you try it once!! Good luck!!

Hope you got my instructions ok. Good luck and I will see you in Appics soon!!

Wow 👀 when they give me a visa, I will definitely try your pie))

Haha, glad you liked it, you are welcome to come visit anytime! Thanks for your awesome reply!

Loove your creativity and that pie looks ready to eat 😋 MMMM... Lol

The pie was delicious when I created it for the Passion Rewarded contest in Dec. ,( My cake entry actually won 1,000 Apx Delligation for a month.) it was a lot of fun, and still is a great way to promote Appics! Thanks for your kind reply!