Chili Cheese Dog For Lunch, Say What!? Yes It's Cheat Day, DELISH!😋🌭🌶️ I love ...

in appics •  8 months ago  (edited)

... having this for lunch instead of supper so I have all day to work it off, lol! And it was an All Beef Jumbo Dog on Whole Wheat Bun With Sharp Cheddar Cheese not Processed, so I don't feel so bad, haha! Happy Monday Everyone, and Have A Great Week! 😋🌶️🥰💪


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  ·  8 months ago 

It's been so long since I've had a chili cheese dog though I did recently have homemade chili cheese fries which put me in a very happy place. lol

Haha, that sounds really yummy Too! So nice to see you @merej99 wow its been a long time! Do you have the Appics App. Now while its in its test stage!?

  ·  8 months ago 

I've had the appics app on my phone and I removed it because I needed the phone's memory for work-related apps. Same thing with Partiko. I work from home and pretty much tied to my desktop so coming directly to the mothership (steemit) is a lot easier for me than trying to type and post from my little phone.

Yeah! It's been a long time. Right now I'm just getting my feet wet with cross-posting and responding to posts when I can. I've been trying to be hands off the computer by 7PM so I have a life away from my desk.... (looks at clock and it's 8:30 PM) LOL
Oh well. :D

Haha, I hear ya!! Im pretty much 42/7 on Steemit mostly Appics as everything I post here goes onto Steemit automatically anyways plus any tags I add, then I try keep my investment on Splinterlands going as well, im home all the time now I live up in the mountains an hour from town and snowed in lol, so At least I have internet or I would go crazy haha! Im no longer working, so this is what I do, patiently waiting for the price to go up and make money to finish our house thats half built finally, it would be a miracle!!!

Thats 24/7 lol

Oh that looks really delicious. A good optical appetizer before lunch time here.

Thanks for your kind reply, it was so delicious!