My Hubby Cutting Away Blocks of Snow from Our Storage Shed! 4 New Snow Pics! ❄️🌨️ ...

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... The Joys Of Living High Up in the Mountains of Southern, Beautiful British Columbia Canada In the Okanagan! ❄️🌨️💪🥶


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I love the snow, it's so beautiful, but I am ready for spring all Ready, Lol!


IMG_20200120_140327 (1).jpg


This shot is taken from my front window, showing the driveway up to our home.



"All Photos Taken and Created By Me From our Homestead up In the Mountains of SNOWY British Columbia Canada @karenmckersie , On My Google Pixel 2 XL Cell Phone, Check my new phones Specs. Here:"

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nice work! 💪 great pics thanks for sharing

Hahaha, my hubby does all the plowing and snow clearing because of my bad back, it's been the worse year for snow he has ever seen!! He makes money around here in the winter clearing snow and plowing driveways but he's getting tired of it, lol! Thanks for your kind reply!❄⛄🙏👌

Wow, I think Ibs

Wow, That is huge ice and pretty. Hope you had a great day.

I just stay inside, lol , I have back issues with Sciatica , but he has that cool Snow Scooper that works really well, haha! I took the photo from the batroom window lol!!

There is a lot, its quite heavy!!

Wowwww!! 🙆💪💪💖💖💖🙏

Haha, there is Soooo much snow, we are tired if it lol and there is more snow coming all week long but its going to be warmer only 0 or -3 ! Thanks for your awesome reply!

Why does he have to do it???

Because its too much and id right beside our house, he has to break it all up and push it down our hill or else when it starts melting all or land outside and under our house thats under construction will be totally flooded...

Wow - you can cut even blocks and build a snow house 😁 fun 🤟

Haha, thats what I told him, lol!!

Wow beaitiful

Thanks! Its snowing agsin today, lol, we are getting tired about it now!!

wao that one is huge!

Haha, yes, he did that maybe 6 or 7 times all along the outdoors storage shed, thats how much the snow built up, it was then broken up and put down the hill so when it starts melting in spring we wont get totally flooded beside our house!