Honey Garlic Pork Ribs & Mushroom Basmati Rice, DELISH!😋🥡

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Mmmmmm, Tender & Juicy Ribs Smothered In Honey Garlic Sauce, Finger Licking Deliciousness!





"All Photos Taken and Created By Me From our Homestead up In the Mountains of SNOWY British Columbia Canada @karenmckersie , On My Google Pixel 2 XL Cell Phone, Check my new phones Specs. Here:"

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Always when I wake up, I know that I will see your delicious food)) I'll go eat something

Haha, thats awesome! So glad to make you hungry first thing in the morning, thanks for your kind reply!

im on board with honey garlic anything 👍

Thanks for your Awesome comments! They are so yummy!!

Wow, that looks like an Indian Biryani! Awesome!

Thanks for your awesome reply and the Tokens, its much appreciated!!


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Now I have to have ribs for dinner. 😂🤣☺️

Haha, its a great choice any day of the week if you can afford them, we were lucky and got a great deal on these, so yummy! Thanks for your kind reply!

Your welcome. I enjoy your posts 😊

Awe, I enjoy yours too!

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