Self-explanatory table

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Great but next time use point for separate decimals it’s the international standard or English😉 because some people are reading 200K Reward 😂

There are no decimals at all in this table. The comas what you see are used as thousand separators. @pathfinder is unstaking 211295 APX. Not 211.2950

Thanks. But most korean account who has liquid tokens will not sell under ico price 😀

Sure. I do not understand why ppl are seling now in bulk. But at the same time I am happy they do this. So I can get more, cheap.

Yes, me either. Expecting you know the reason why ppl selling. 😀

Never heard of any of those accounts. Not sure if that is a good or a bad thing!

Most of them are only stake holder 😉 it’s good because they increase the rewardpool for us 😉

Good ? Maybe it is good for those who want to buy more APX and are waiting for prices to drop even lower. Unstaked (liquid) tokens has nothing to do with reward pool. At least how I understand all this.

thx for posting ! it’s like showing us your bank account, haha..have to do it wishes..

Do not understand you. This is not how many I, or somebody else owns. It is tokens in the unstaking status. Plus all data I am showng - Is 100% Public any way. Like it is public anything what You own on steem blockchain. Or anyone else. Steem is 100% public blockchain.

..ya, I know..should be a joke, my friend..anyway, just posted another coin project..join, there’s a special these’s the link: maybe you like it...enjoy..and have a great day..