WHO is who. And how they vote. . Last week I made some research, hod do the rich-list ...

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... TOP60 owners post and vote. And who they prefer to vote. How often, and with how much power.
Column (A) is actual voting power ( staked plus delegation received APX)
(C)- total number of upvotes done in 7 days
(D) - total quantity of different authors voted in the last 7 days
(E) - a total summary voting power
(F)(G)(H) - the same numbers, but only from the authors upvoted from the TOP100

Voting details taken from steemworld.org. All data is public, anyone can do this too.

All complete data, with the holdings of liquid and staked, or unstaking APX (J to N columns)

Authors get paid when people like you upvote their post.
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This is cool! I'm just getting into Steem so this is very insightful, thanks.