I always have heard that it's good to start your day with positivity. When I was ...

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... in school, I didn't know what exactly it means. It took me a long time to understand that how much it is important to start your day positively...

People use different methods to start a fresh day. Some do prayer, some do meditation, some listen to music and some read motivational quotes. Well most of the time, I start my day with music, my favorite playlist. Take a cup of coffee, music and start my day...

Sometimes I read quotes as well... Positive, motivational quotes. We usually check our phone when we wake up, I usually do that but it's good to avoid it for a few minutes before starting your day.




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Music is great. Life would be too depressing without it. It's also great in assisting one to learn a new language. Speaking of which... how much of these lyrics can you already understand without Google's help?

May be some words or 2-3 lines.. First I hear with translation and then try to relate words..