How do you feel when your working gadget malfunctions? Yesterday was so full of ...

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... suspense at my office when my Personal Computer (Laptop) tripped off on it's own about five times.

Sincerely, I was scared being that it's the major working tool as well as my primary Steeming gadget.

Thank God, I have good and professional computer engineers @Ipixels and @Vicchris who came to my rescue and the device is back to normal working condition.

Amazingly, it was just a RAM failure. Simple stuffs as this can make your day frustrating if not well managed.

In all, I'm happy I wasn't very far from completing the tasks that were meant for the day.

Moreover, I couldn't see myself not sharing some good contents on Steem today.


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  ·  last month (edited)

Yeah it could really be frustrating and so annoying if your gadget malfunctions.
Hope you will fix well in case of a next time?
Sorry all the same.