A mixture of speedster and robot in the "Dark Nights" series

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This character first appeared in the center of the Multiverse known as the House of Heroes. He participated in the salvation of all known Earths. Later, the main character learned about the new forces that were released by the "Flash War".

Today we will talk about the continuation of the history of the Mercury Flash.

The action takes place on Earth 44. The main character is a member of the Metal League. It includes:

  • Golden Superman
  • Iron Batman
  • Platinum Wonder Woman
  • Mercury Flash
  • Nth Metal Hawkman
  • Tin Elongated Man
  • Lead Green Arrow

The protagonist sees that an unknown energy similar to "Nth Metal" is forcing Iron Batman to attack the rest of the League. Possessed Batman kills the Mercury Flash.
Later, another energy, surpassing the power of Nth Metal, revives the main character and restores everything that was destroyed.

I hope you will like it.

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