A mixture of two aliens in the Superman series

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Several years after becoming a member of the superhero team of planet Earth, this character participated in the rescue of the Multiverse.

Today you will learn the continuation of the Super-Martian story.

The action takes place on Earth 32. Hybrids of Earth 0 characters live here.
Kal is Batman's (Lex Luthor) (32) best friend and is also a member of the Titans of Justice. They include:

  • Super-Martian
  • Aquaflash (32)
  • Black Arrow (32)
  • Wonderhawk (32)

The Red Son (32) is attacked by the Gatherers. During the battle, the main character learns that his name is on the list of some Prophet. The Gatherers defeat Kal and then knock him out.
The action is transferred to the Prophet World, which is located outside the Multiverse. Upon awakening, the Super-Martian realizes that he is deprived of his powers and is in a special prison cell created especially for him. After a while, the Prophet sends our hero to the rest of the captured Supermen. They are forced to dig "Superman's grave" forever. Later, the main character meets the Pre-Flashpoint Superman (Kal-El) (0). After a long conversation with Clark (0), the hostages decide to unite. Then Ultima Thule moved to the Prophet World, from which the rest of the Supermen, not taken prisoner, fly out. When the symbols of all Supermen, including Kal, shone with a blue color of hope, their abilities returned to them. Thus, the Red Son (32) becomes a member of a team called the Supermen of the Multiverse. They include:

  • Superman (0)
  • Super-Man (0)
  • Superman (1)
  • Overman (10)
  • Superwoman (11)
  • Superman Beyond (12)
  • Superdemon (13)
  • Superman (14)
  • Superman II (16)
  • Superchief (18)
  • Superman (22)
  • President Superman (23)
  • Captain Carrot (26)
  • Bizarro Superman
  • Superman (30)
  • Super-British (31)
  • Super-Martian
  • Supremo (35)
  • Ultraman (43)
  • Sunshine Superman (47)
  • Lord Superman (50)

Next, the Supermen of the Multiverse attack the Prophet. The heroes defeat him and cut off his hand. When the Supermen of the Multiverse pushed the Prophet into his grave, he quickly evaporates. Entering Ultima Thule, the heroes meet other heroes of the Multiverse. They turned out to be:

  • other members of Justice Incarnate, except for the deceased Red Racer (36)
  • Batman (1)
  • other members of the New Reichsmen (10)
  • Freedom Fighters (10)
  • rest of the Justice League Beyond (12)
  • rest of the League of Shadows (13)
  • other members of the Justice Riders (18)
  • rest of the Justice League (16)
  • Alexis Luthor (16)
  • rest of the Justice League (22)
  • Flashlight (36)

Using the ship, the main character returns to Earth 32.

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