A mixture of two smartest people and a robot in the Justice League series

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Several years after the creation of the superhero team, this character participated in the rescue of the Multiverse. One day he sees a member of this team going crazy.

Now I will tell you the continuation of the story of Doc Tornado.

The action takes place in the "House of Heroes". Will is the creator of the Metal League. It includes:

  • Golden Superman
  • Iron Batman
  • Platinum Wonder Woman
  • Mercury Flash
  • Nth Metal Hawkman
  • Tin Elongated Man
  • Lead Green Arrow

The heroes move to the center of the Multiverse. They meets the heroes of other Earths. These heroes turned out to be:

The Justice League (0) asks the others for help in destroying the creator of the Multiverse named Perpetua. The heroes agree.

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