Inanimate version of the dark knight in the series "Dark Nights: Death Metal" Part 2

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Today we will talk about the continuation of the history of the Castle Bat.

If someone has not seen the previous parts, then follow the links:

The action takes place on Earth 0. Bruce (Castle Bat) is a member of the Dark Knights. They include:

  • Batman Who Laughs (-22)
  • Batmage
  • B-Rex
  • Beyonder
  • Castle Bat

Wayne (Castle Bat) sees that in one of his secret rooms, Batmage, Beyonder, B-Rex, Groblins and one of the Army of Alfreds groups called Alfrood insert Wayne's (-22) surviving brain into the body of the Final Bruce Wayne. When Batman who laughs kills the rest of the Dark Knights besides the main character and turns one of his Robins into the Robin King, Castle Bat orders his subordinates to guard him from the heroes of Earth 0.

To be continued...

I hope you will like it.

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