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Today I present to you a character named President Superman. His real name is Kalel/Calvin Ellis, known as Superman, Kal and President Ellis.

The action takes place on Post-Flashpoint Earth 23. It all started with the fact that Jorel (23) and Lara (23) had a son named Kalel. On "the day of the fall of Krypton" (23), Kal's parents put Kal in the only prototype of a Krypton rocket that hits Earth. When the main character lands in one of the cities of the USA (23), he is found by a poor but kindhearted couple of Ellis. They give Kalel a new name - Calvin Ellis.
A few years later, Kal becomes President of the USA. This is how President Ellis came about. Later, Calvin decides to use his powers to protect and save people from supervillains. And becomes President Superman, known as Superman, and the leader of the Justice League (23). It includes:

  • President Superman
  • Wonder Woman (23)
  • Batman (23)
  • Cyborg (23)
  • Green Lantern (23)
  • Steel (23)
  • Vixen (23)
  • Guardian (23)

A few months later, Kalel is attacked again by Lex Luthor (23) in his new armor. Kal defeats him by destroying the armor and tying him up. Realizing that Luthor was guarding something, Calvin goes to his laboratory. Arriving there, Ellis finds a "transmatter cube" (23) known as the "symphonic array of transmatter" (23). It becomes clear to President Superman that the cube is Lex's new invention. He created it under the influence of drugs. Using Brainiac (23), Superman realizes that this thing is emitting incredibly oblique frequencies. A few seconds later, Lois Lane (45), dying Jimmy Olsen (45) and Clark Kent (45) run out of the cube. Seeing President Ellis as an enemy, Lois shoots him with a k-laser beam (36) from a weapon that was created on Earth 36. Fortunately, it had no effect on the protagonist. Kalel learns of the existence of the Multiverse and alternate versions of itself, and that the cube somehow created many of its copies, which have moved to other Earths. Determined to prove to Lane that he is different from other alternative Supermen, Calvin tells her the story of his origin. After that, he receives information about Superdoom (45), including his origin, as well as the deaths of Optiman (36) and Superman (42). A few seconds later Superman (45) emerges from the "transmatter cube". Ellis remotely orders Brainiac to activate the robot counterpart. Super-Doomsday attacks President Superman. During the battle, President Ellis is joined by Lois and the freed Luthor with a k-laser. As a result, the main character and Lex, using the cube, destroy Superman (only the physical shell) (45). A second later, the rest of the Justice League arrive at the lab. Kalel decides to bring Clark back to life with the help of the "Lazarus Resurrector" (23), which is kept in his laboratory. Kal also tells Lane that she can stay on this Earth as long as she wants. Meanwhile, Green Lantern, Steel, Wonder Woman, and Batman examine the cube.
A few days later, Calvin learns about the "Qurac nuclear program" (23) and the existence of three underground fire laboratories of President Harrat (23). To prove the guilt of President of the Qurac, Ellis and Nubia decide to destroy these places. Later, President Superman's secretary named Courtney (23) informs him that President of the Qurac is ready to negotiate. During a remote conversation with President Harrat, Superman and Wonder Woman flood the first laboratory with liquid lava. In the second, the protagonist and Nubia create an accident that will cause this place to be contaminated with radiation over the next two hundred years. The third heroes simply blow up, using Kalel's laser vision and several barrels of gasoline. Kal invites President of the Qurac, if he stops this madness and renounces terror, to join his Union of Nations (23). When Calvin finishes the negotiations, Wonder Woman tells him how dangerous it is to keep his identity secret.

Ellis possesses:

  • absorption of solar energy
  • thermal vision
  • super-hearing
  • improved vision
  • vision of the electromagnetic spectrum
  • telescopic vision
  • x-ray vision
  • microscopic vision
  • infrared vision
  • flight
  • invulnerability
  • superhuman endurance
  • superhuman strength
  • superhuman speed
  • superhuman agility
  • superhuman reflexes
  • super-breath
  • longevity
  • leadership

Also President Superman is:

  • professional boxer
  • professional guitarist

Superman's weaknesses are:

  • vulnerability to kryptonite
  • vulnerability to magic

President Ellis's equipment is:

  • Brainiac
  • president uniform
  • President Superman costume

I hope you will like it.

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