The insane version of the dark knight in the series "Dark Nights: Death Metal Legends of the Dark Knights"

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Today we will talk about the continuation of the story of Batman who laughs.

The action takes place on an unknown Earth, the location of which is the Dark Multiverse. While recruiting for the Barbatos plan, Bruce (-22) travels to this universe. Wayne (-22) learns that on this Earth the local Batman (Bruce Wayne), having found the "Comedian's Button" and deciding to copy his energy, creates a chamber with an internal field generator in his Batcave. Imperceptibly entering the cave, Batman who laughs spoils the device. When the local Bruce enters the cell to check everything, the Clown locks him there. After repairing the generator, the King of Terror activates it. The energy is tearing the local Wayne apart. The Bat who laughs is transported to another Earth by the Dark Multiverse.
When the protagonist and Perpetua (Sixth Dimension) recruit a new team of Dark Knights to conquer Earth 0, the former returns to this Earth. Several months have passed since his last visit. Arriving at the Batcave, Bruce (-22) sees that the copied energy, having restored the local Batman's brain in a new body, turns him into Batmanhattan. When this Bruce is completely naked and blue, Wayne (-22) stabs him in the head with an Eight Metal knife, killing him. The clown, unnoticed by Perpetua, transports Batmanhattan's dead body, which he later called the body of the Final Bruce Wayne, to Earth 0.
Later, the action is transferred to Earth 0. After becoming the ruler of this universe, Batman who laughs orders the Dark Knights to hide the body in one of the secret rooms of the Castle Bat. As part of the Dark Knights:

  • Batman Who Laughs (-22)
  • Batmage
  • B-Rex
  • Beyonder

The King of Terror decides to anger Wonder Woman (0) to the point that she kills him, and the Dark Knights inserted Bruce's brain (-22) into Batmanhattan's body.
When the Dark Council inserts Wayne's brain (-22) into the body of the Final Bruce Wayne, he wakes up in a new body and remembers his origins and recent actions. The Batman who laughs feels like this body is expanding his mind. A second later, the consciousness of the Clown reaches the Dark Multiverse. The King of Terror absorbs all the minds, experience and skills of other dark Batmen. In order to destroy the normal Multiverse and create his own, Bat who laughs decides to take the "Doctor Manhattan power" (Watchmen Universe) from Flash (Wally West) (0). Opening his eyes, the main character sees in front of him one of the groups of the Army of Alfreds called Alfrood.

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