The opposite of man of steel in The Terrifics series

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This character first appeared on Earth 29. It was then that Bizarro saw off the Superman of an alternate Earth for the first time, fighting the local Metallo without the Unjustice League of Unamerica. He also took part in the death of the entire Multiverse.
Later, Bizarro №1 went to work on Earth 0. During this time, Bizarro-Superman was on an air trip and skipped a party of three villains. This character later teamed up with other alternate Supermen to bring eternal life to a threat outside the Multiverse. For the next several months, he participated in the war with the Joker of alternate Earth. This character once faced the Batman and Superman of an alternate earth. He also met his new enemy.

Today you will not recognize the continuation of Bizarro's story.

And now in normal language ...

The action does not take place on Earth 29, which is unknown under other names Bizarroverse and Bizarro World. On Earth 29, the continuum is damaged with corrupted laws of physics. Also, the action does not take place on the deceased square planet Htrae in the destroyed Bizopolis.
Bizarro №1 receives an invitation to Bizopolis. Arriving there, Bizarro sees a robot projecting a hologram of Apex Lex (0). Alexander offers the protagonist a place in the Legion of Doom (0). By agreeing, Bizarro receives a "time machine" (0) from Lex (29). Using it, Bizarro №1 restores the entire planet and its inhabitants. Bizarro №1 is once again the leader of the Unjustice League of Unamerica, which is known as the Injustice League and Super Foes. It includes:

  • Bizarro-Superman
  • Batzarro (29)
  • Bizarra (29)

Later, the League sees a portal from which Mr Terrific (0) and Ms Terrific (23) emerge. In a second, they move to another Earth. Over the next few years, Bizarro-Superman:

  • stops Rusty Metallo (29) carrying bags of money to the bank;
  • stops Broken Toyman (29) giving beautiful and expensive things to the inhabitants of the city using a huge artificial doll;
  • stops the Beneficial Parasite (29), which turns some residents of the city into strong men and huge dogs with his touch;
  • again quarrels with Loiz (29) over the disappearance of Boyzarro (29);
  • learns about the appearance of the t-glob (29), doing all the work for him and feeding on the ability of the Parasite.

The protagonist learns that the t-globes are created by Mister Terrible (29). Deciding to get rid of these robots once and for all, Bizarro uses a time machine to travel 15 years into the past.
Once in "Terribleworld" (29) for the first technical conference, Bizarro №1 destroys the prototype t-glob and Terrible's disguise. After making sure that these robots are erased from history, Bizarro-Superman is transported to the present.
Returning, the main character sees that now there are Metazarro Men (29). These robots are partners with every inhabitant of Earth 29, including Loiz. Bizarro destroys two Metazarro Men. He is joined by the current Mister Terrible. Upon learning that these robots are being created by Doctor Magnuts (29), who attended the thwarted Terrible conference, the villains travel 10 years into the past.
Once in the "Magnutsworld" (29) at the first technical conference, Bizarro №1 and Mister Terrible destroy the first 6 Metazarro Men prototypes and knock out Doctor Magnuts. Deciding to rewrite the entire history of Bizarro World, Bizarro-Superman and Terrible are transported into the time stream.
Over the next few days, the protagonist and Mister Terrible:

  • destroy the very first computer (29);
  • turn famous scientists (29) and their creations into nothing;
  • turn the glorious knights of the "Middle Ages" (29) into nothing;
  • become the very first mathematicians (29);
  • eat the very first wheel model (29);
  • witness the "big bang" (29);

Returning to the present, the villains see that the new version of Bizopolis has advanced several decades forward. Realizing that things are only getting worse, Bizarro №1 and Terrible decide to play with the Earth 0 time stream. Bizarro-Superman later becomes the leader of The Terribles. These include:

  • Bizarro
  • Mister Terrible
  • Change-O-Shape-O (29)
  • Figment Girl (29)
  • Disposable Man (29)

Using a time machine and a Terrible capsule, the team travels to another universe.
The action continues on Earth 0. Having burst into the "Terrific Tower" (0), the Terrible meet the The Terrifics. They include:

  • Mr. Terrific (0)
  • Metamorpho (0)
  • Phantom Girl (Linnya Wazzo) (0)
  • Plastic Man (0)
  • Ms Terrific (23)

The villains attack the heroes. The Terrifying defeats The Terrifics and take off in Mister Terrible's ship. During the flight, the protagonist and Terrible, using the stolen Phantom Girl's necklace, manage to repair the time machine.
After changing the past of Earth 0 and returning to the present, the villains see that the new version of Metropolis (0) has degraded for 40 years. Bizarro sends Figment Girl to check out The Terrifics. When she returns, the others learn that the story change only affected the characters' clothes. After a new game, over time, The Terrifics sees that the current city has degraded for another 20 years. Bizarro №1 tells the Disposable Man to neutralize the Plastic Man. Breaking into the house of one of Superman's (Kal-El) (0) friends, Bizarro-Superman finds Boyzarro.
After a family fishing trip, father and son visit a tree cafe that Bizarro-Superboy built. Later, the main character sees that the city, thanks to the rest of The Terrifics, has degraded for another 10 years. He also notices the symbol of the creator of the Multiverse named Perpetua (Sixth Dimension). Having met Mister Terrible and having found the "Phantom Zone Crystals" (0), the villains go to the planet Bgztl (0).
Once there, Bizarro, Terrible and Boysarro attack the locals. After killing several guards, finding the "Phantom Zone Generator" (0) and connecting it to a time machine, the Trinity and the rest of The Terribles put The Terrifics in a makeshift time loop.
All time periods are intertwined in this loop, and The Terrifics ones are teenagers. Riding a pterodactyl (0) and seeing the whole loop from a bird's eye view, the villains find the heroes. Opening the black hole into which Paula is being pulled, Mister Terrible fixes the noose at this point. After 36 restarts, The Terribles sees that this time Ms Terrific has disappeared somewhere, which causes the rest of The Terrifics to break the loop and attack them. All fall into the opened black hole, and the loop is completely erased.
Once at the End of Time (0), they meet local residents. When they flee, seeing the aliens, The Terribles and The Terrifics are attacked by the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse (0). Together, heroes and villains defeat the Horsemen. Bursting into the nearest temple, they meet Noosphere (0). Later, The Terribles and The Terrifics meet the revamped Ms Terrific. Putting on the armor and taking the weapon of the Horsemen of the Apocalypse, the villains attack the heroes. The battle is ended by Noosphere and Paula, partially changing the present.
As a result, The Terribles finds themselves under one of Brainiac's (Vril Dox) (0) caps, which becomes part of the Bizarro-Superboy, Beacon (0) and Nobody (0) collection.

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