Not quitting the day job yet.. 😂

in art •  4 days ago 

A couple of months ago I pre-booked an art workshop consisting of 10 individual lessons.


One 4 hour lesson a week every week, from October to December.

On Wednesday we've completed lesson 5 and I was speechless with my sketch I managed to do.


Taken to account that I'm no sketch artist and this was the first ever proper sketch I've done in my life... At 44 years old I think it's quite an accomplishment.. 😂

My words to the artist that's teaching the course was.... 'had she warned me that we were going to attempt drawing a hand that day i probably would have stayed in bed..'.. 😂

Yet... Here i was.. Drawing like a pro with her guidance and encouragement.

The workshops are awesome as it consists of a good mix of theory and practical.


We also practiced with a little milk jug before we started the hands to get a feel for the darker and lighter shadows, shape and form.


I won't be quitting my day job as of yet but I'm definitely proud of my progress!

All photos are my own

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Manually curated by EwkaW from the @qurator Team. Keep up the good work!

Very pretty. Congratulations.