Concept Art For Our Future Western Shores Game

in art •  3 months ago 


Did I tell you a few friends and me, we were working on a board game prototype?

I did.

Here's my first conscious attempt at making a watercolor art on it.

I kept one photo of a stage before this one and a good thing it was I did...For the distant mountains were so much better in the previous stage. SOmehow more...natural. Not pretentious. I don't know. Here it is. You tell me.


You can see the white balance of the second photo is off but I was afraid to correct it too much. It doesn't matter.

I don't know if this will make it to some final version of an actual card. It's calm but not epic so it probably won't be on one of the great lands of legend.

Something about serenity and safe havens...probably.

See you soon with updates!



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I didn't realise you were working on a game too! I've got three in various stages of progression. I think you and I live similar lives on opposite ends of the planet! Love it!


It might be so ;)

I have been waiting on this canvas i wanted to mix water colors in and use markers. Seeing this is so inspiring. Thanks for sharing this buddy 😊

Thanks for your comment! I wish you good luck and inspiration!

Looks great!
I knew you were good at photography, but I didn't realize you were a painter, too.

Trying to satisfy something inside, that's it. Thank you.

Wow, what a fun project, @manoldonchev! That sounds like so much fun. Good luck with it. The watercolor is beautiful!

Yup, fun, and tears, and more fun ;) You'll see.

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